Thursday, February 12, 2009

Victorian Bushfire Handmade Help Appeal #2

Further to the post I made on Tuesday ... were you aware that the victims and survivors of the current floods in Northern Qld are among the many Aussies donating whatever money and supplies they have? These people themselves have lost everything and they are still giving.

We have amazing people here in this country and I am proud to call myself Australian. With the exception of a few freaks (young Mr Brisbane fraudulently collecting money) I consider myself fortunate to be born in this country and surrounded by so many people who just want to help when times are bad.

Having been in the storm here at The Gap/Ferny Hills in November (class 2 cyclone) I know what it means to have people care enough to help you out when times are tough. We only suffered minor damage, a few holes in the roof, some broken stuff, no power for three days etc.

I can only imagine how terrifying a Firestorm or massive Flash Flood would be and I struggle to find words to express how much iI feel for them and want to help.

So again I ask you - if you can help please do.

Donate money
Go shopping at Coles or Woolworths on their donate the profits days.

If you don't have money:
Donate Blood and Plasma for the burn victims
Donate clothes, blankets, toys, food etc at a local drop point to be sent to the people who need it most.

If you make stuff try these places here

I heard on the radio yesterday all these massive companies donating money through Triple M Radio to the Red Cross, then two sisters rang and donated $100,000. Amazing.

Donations are now around the $50 Million mark, but remember there are SO MANY towns to rebuild from scratch, Thousands of houses and barns and farms to rebuild, animals to nurse back to care ... they still need more. These fires are still burning and temps are set to go up again next week.

Did you know Koalas are among the slowest healers on the planet? Their slow metabolic rate means they can take up to a year to recover from simple wounds. And now of course entire areas of their habitat have been annihilated.

Just do what you can, even if it's passing these links on in your blog to other people.

Thanks heaps


Chrisy said...

Thanks for spreading all this useful info...i had no idea about the slow healing rate of koalas...poor little things...

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Hope people who have an extra marginal won't hesitate to share to the needy.

Really heartbreaking moments! God Bless Australia.