Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Upstyle Project: Give a top new life

Some easy upstyling will take a plain old tank top to a new level. By simply adding some yo yo's (suffolk puffs) to the shoulders of the tank you can add some class to a simple top.

Firstly gather your supplies:

You'll need:
  •  a tank top
  • some fabric that either coordinates or contrasts
  • scissors
  • thread
  • buttons (with a shank work best)
  • a Clover Yo Yo maker (if you don't have one of these don't fret. I have added some instructions on how to make these without one at the end)
I used the extra large size Clover Yo Yo maker

Photo: Vintage Gatherings
Step 1: Make 10 yo yo's

Step 2: Sew buttons in the centre of 4 of the yo yo's

Step 3: Work out your placement on the shoulders for three of the yo yo's in a strip and stitch into place from the back through the tank top and making sure you stitch a button into the centre.

Step 4: Make sure you stitch each yo yo together at the edge where they meet.

Step 5: Next attach the remaining 2 yo yo's at two points where they touch the other yo yo's and to each other.

Now you're done. Wear with pride!

How to make yo yo's (suffolk puffs) without a Clover Yo Yo Maker:

Photo: Rachel Beckman - How to make a yo yo