Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Do you need a new sewing machine?

I am selling my latest machine. Elna 6001 Decorators Touch.

There is nothing wrong with it, it is being sold (sadly) to raise funds for other things.
It hasn't been out of the box except to be photographed.
It sells for $1249
I have it on e-bay for $700.
Take a look ... click on the photo to go to the auction


For all that I have ...

there are moments when it seems nothing is going my way. Yet the next day can bring such peace or joy that those dark clouds I let in seemed so wasted.

I guess I mean that I can always be more thankful for the things and people in my life that make it worth waking up to everyday.

I'm not a particularly "religious" person, I don't share the same faith as the Nielson family but I don't have to to understand the deep connection they all have with each other and their belief. We all do it our own way but what really matters is how it is projected and how we connect with each other.

I have so much ... and it's so fragile.

Please take a moment to think about this in your life and visit this link ... there are some of us who could do with a little bit more in times of need.

I had some serious burns when I was 19 and although I was badly burnt and unable to move well for a few weeks, needed surgery and skin grafts, was in hospital for 2 weeks, needed physiotherapy and a bit of care after, I only had 5% burns.

The Nie's are looking at 35 - 80% burns after the accident.
Whatever you can do ...

Oh Goody ...

On Thursday my beloved friend Kim will be visiting. She is here from the UK for a friend of hers wedding ... I miss her all the time and whenever she is in Australia she tries to catch up with us.
Usually we get a night out of her (this is seriously a big deal - as she is usually here for about 7-14 days and with family and friends all over Australia to catch up with it's a mission!)
I love my Kim and I can't wait to hug her and drink lots of tea and catch up on everything.


While Erin was at Grandma's I found Sam in her room. He was quietly playing on her bed with her dolls so I left him there thinking he missed her and wanted to play with her things like they do together.
A short while later I found him lying on the floor staring up virtually without blinking so I crept in to see what had him so enthralled.
A friend of mine Shellee had given Erin a helium butterfly balloon and it was through this Kaleidoscope that Sam was staring ... and oh so pretty

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm going to Grandma's

Tonight Erin is sleeping over at Grandma's because it's the school holidays and as Erin said "we just want to have our girl time ok?"
How can you resist.
So after work I dropped Erin over and we stayed for yet another delicious Grandma Gloria dinner. We had chilli hamburgers on wholemeal buns (reallllly good buns) and yummy salad and cheese.
Mr Fussy decided he didn't want that and Grandma catered to his whims and made him a "peanut butter and bam" sandwich.
After a few mouthfuls he decided this was not so good either and I asked Grandma not to feed him anything else. If Sam doesn't want his dinner he doesn't get any. If he's hungry he will eat it.
(Am I mean? I don't think so ... but some may)
We had a great time and caught up with Uncle Mark after his last adventure to Vegas. Thank goodness he arrived back in one piece - although he probably still isn't feeling too whole and recovered yet!
Although we had been talking about the sleepover for days I don't think Sam really understood because as soon as he was strapped into his car seat and he saw Erin still outside he cracked up!
The poor boy was screaming her name and crying ... it only lasted for less than 2 mins but my heart went out to him
He was only soothed because I reminded him that as I was working on Thursday night he got to have Grandpa all to himself.
With Pete in Melbourne since last Friday the kids have been missing him (only marginally more than me - I must admit I have enjoyed having the evenings all to myself to make and bake and phiff around!) so I dare say ol' Sammy-o will miss Erin greatly.
Well ... it is quiet around here but she'll be home soon enough and then it'll be back to dinner battles (she takes 40 mins to eat because the dear child can't seem to stop TALKING whenever and I mean whenever there is food put in front of her!
I do love the poppets!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Meatloaf ... blech? Not in my house!

I am always surprised that although I can't get Sam to eat regular food he'll eat random "grown up" food like it was his last meal.
I have been blessed with a little girl who will eat whatever gets put in front of her ... even if it does take her 40 mins!
However the flipside is I have a little boy who wont eat much at all.
But they eat the meatloaf!
When I was a kid I wasn't a big fan o' meatloaf. It usually didn't have a lot of flavour to my opinion and was always just a wee bit dry.
Now this was not my mothers fault (I don't think) as much as the recipe. At least I hope my mother didn't deliberately make dry, grey meatloaf to appease some social norm.
So I avoided meatloaf like it was .... well Meatloaf.
Until I tasted Pete's Grandma's meatloaf. Oh dear. I am a reformed mince meatloaf eater.
It inspired me to make my own and here are some pics of the deliciousness which was for din din!

Kitchen Delights

I bought some "new" things at the markets on Sunday. While I was there trying to sell my wares I purchased some objects I have been trying to chase down for ages.
A blender
Analon Knife Block
I am in love
and planning what to make for dinner so I can use my new knives

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cute ...


After a hard day at work :) I was on my home feeling a bit blue because it had started raining when I saw these guys and then I just felt a bit happier ...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My poor poor sewing room ...

... is just full of absolute mess. I can't seem to function properly in any way when that little hub of my heart is a mess but I have had no time and no space in there to move around.

I think I'm going to need about 3 days to do it properly.
That pic is just the corner I am least embarrassed to put up here!

I have so much new fabric - nowhere to put it.
My new labels arrived a few days ago and I haven't been able to use them .
I have a new craft table that hasn't come out of the box.
I have a new sewing machine that also hasn't come out of the box.
I have too many ideas in my head.
I need a break from my usual routine so I can come home and sort out my space.

Do I sound cranky?

Because I feel cranky

Davies Park Community Garden

I love community gardens and I love taking the kids to them. Since we moved from Stafford and I had to leave my beloved Vegie Patch behind (the new house has too many trees in the backyard and not enough sunlight) I like to show the kids these kind of places.

My grandparents use to grow all their own vegetables and my sister and her family have an amazing vegie garden so alas I will get my joy from the humble yet always beautiful community patch.

We had spent the day at Greazefest and walking back to the car I spotted the little garden on the side of the road and the kids were so eager to jump on into it.

We stayed for about half an hour. The kids just running up and down the paths and stopping to play with bugs and flowers at every turn - just like I use to at Grandma's when I was a kid.

Random Scenes ...

Sometimes I just drive around and try to get my head back into some kind of order so I can focus and re-order myself.
Things get crazy around here and sometimes I just like to have an hour or so escape where I take a little drive and do not a great deal.
Just let myself be ... to see what I can see ...

Revisiting, remembering ...

When I was 12 I first heard Transvision Vamp. It was love straight away. Wendy James was hypnotic and Nick was awesome.
For those who aren't familiar with TV in all their 80's glory - you might remember tracks like "Baby I don't care" and "I want your Love" but my all time favourite is "Velveteen". It's long, but if you have 10 mins, sit a while, grab a cup o' T and listen ...

Sam Brown has it down to a ...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Treasure

More, more, more!

I love these little glasses! Remind me of summer.

Father's Day

Another lovely day in Spring (just) in Brisbane and we got to celebrate Father's Day with a sweet breeze not a ghastly gale!
The kids were very excited to give Pete their treasures and he loved each and every gorgeous one!
(After stuffing himself with a breaky of toast, cheese, eggs and sausages!)

Erin's Birthday ...

My eldest baby is now 6.

We had a family dinner at home and then a party for her to celebrate with her friends.

She wanted to have a fairy party but we talked about how we had already been to 3 and we might do something different.

She decided a Mermaid Party would be fun but when I pointed out that half her friends were boys she conceded and we decided upon a "Under the Sea" theme.

The girls would be mermaids and the boys would be pirates.

I made the kids some basic and very simple costumes and with a bit of facepaint everyone was having fun!

We decorated the pergola as a mermaid cove and the cubby house became a pirate ship.

We played pass the parcel inside away from the wind and then we went on a treasure hunt to find the treasure chest - which was the pinata that we had to get Pete, Erin's Dad to bust!

The kids had been busy decorating brown paper bags inside while I was doing the face painting and we used these later as their loot bags.

The cake was delicious and we had a great time playing with our friends and pretending we were mighty scary pirates and beautiful mermaids.

Kitty Boo Boo's "Machinery" in Immaculate Heart Magazine


Yay, along with a fantastic photographer Amy Elizabeth and three gorgeous models - Aylin, Kaiya and Ruski - Kitty Boo Boo's goth/punk offspin label "Machinery" is featured in this mag, Immaculate Heart.
Yay for the five page spread!
Yay me!