Thursday, April 30, 2009

Brown Owls Meet, Crochet to Hoot at, a loom and a lass

Last Sunday I made it to my first Brown Owls meet.

Em volunteered to teach us all to crochet a granny. I arrived a bit late and missed the very beginning, so I was in the remedial group!

At first my tension was so tight I couldn't do the next stitch! After undoing it I made an excellent circle. After undoing that I made a pretty good first round, I got stuck a bit on round two and eventually got there ...

I took it home and finished the square! Yay, now I can granny too!

Erin was inspired so I pulled out a foam loom and she made some squares to join up for a baby blanket for her dolls.

Hoot of a time, loved meeting new people and sharing the love of the adventure of craft... but most awesome was the fact that my learning a new craft inspired my little one.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Meet Me at Mike's ...

Last week my DH was away in Melbourne for work. Because of the work he does, he had a day or two free to wander around. He usually does some shopping for the kids at the Vic Markets, or picks me up an excellent Waterhouse or Dali print. ( Love a good print!) And after seeing the originals of Dali's in 1993 and Waterhouse in 2002 (Love and Death: Art in the Age of Victoria) oh my, oh my ... there are no words


This time when he asked me if there was anything special I wanted from Melbourne I said
"Sure is!". 
Meet Me at Mike's the book, by Pip Lincolne hadn't really made it into the bookshops nearby then and I really REALLY wanted to get a copy so I gave the poor man a map and a mission!

He's the first one to tell me I have an overload of crafting materials but he seemed to be more than happy to take trek to get the book.

I sent a message to Pip on Facey letting her know that DH was coming in and to keep an eye out for him! After he walked about 8 k in the wrong direction (yes, he forgot the map!) He managed eventually to find Meet Me at Mike's on Brunswick St.

Cam offered to get Pip to sign the book so Pip was dragged out of her kitchen and obligingly gave me a Hurrah on the front page.

An excellent treat all around, I do love my DH. He's excellent.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

4ZzZ Trash and Treasure Mini Markets

Kitty Boo Boo will be a stall holder at

4ZZZ Trash N Treasure

Saturday May 2nd

Mini markets in the 4ZZZ car park.

A fun arvo full of arts & craft, vintage clothing, vinyl records, bake sale, clothes swap and 4ZzZ DJs playing tunes.
WHEN: 12 NOON to 5PM
Saturday May 2nd
WHERE: 291 St Paul's Terrace,Fortitude Valley
4ZzZ CARPARK and Station

The Postman Rings ...

Oh what excellent fun opening up mail! While I was sick I got heaps of cool stuff in the post to cheer me up. Since I have been away for a while I will put them all here.

First I was deliciously delighted to get a special pack from Hayley at Re-Read. I had won her Kitty brooch in the weekly give-away she holds. They are excellent so get on over HERE to win one! The Kitty now joins my little obsession collection ... The bird on top and the owl are mine and the birdie on the bottom I bought for my sister but have not passed it on yet! I love the postcard too, not to mention the handmade envelope! Thanks Hayley!

Next was my Brown Owls pack! The Brown Owls are a bunch of crafty crafters who like to hang out together and make stuff. Check out the blog HERE. So thanks Pip, I love the pics and the sticker and the keyring.

Yay Yay Yay ...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oh me oh my ...

I have been away for a long time haven't I!

I have been under the weather, I don't get sick a lot but when I do it's usually something huge that takes me down ...
this time it was a virus that led to laryngitis and a sinus infection escalating to my ol' friend Bronchitis.

Hasn't been a fun time and I am just getting back to my normal self now ... almost 3 weeks later.

Full on ... but it hasn't been all bad

I spent yesterday making some new clippies, and as I started to feel better I also made Sammy a embroidered Robot singlet (because we share a love for Robots at the moment and I love a win win situation!)
Erin scored a derby skirt ... she has started roller skating (and is GOOD) and as my knees are too dodgy for competition Derby it seems I can breed my own fresh meat! Excellent.

I got my new swallow kicks and I had a visit from my lovely UK Bestie ...

I bought some owl fabric and some stuff for refashioning, I also made a few new dresses ...

Oh and I got my Brown Owls pack in the post too! Yay thanks Pip!

I will post pics of all the above soon!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Re-fashion ... recycle ... renew ... refresh ...

Recipe for refashioned skirt

Take some lace, an old tablecloth, a few old doilies, some dye and a full slip.

Chop, dye, wash, sew, chop, sew.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

New kicks and a dragon ...

Now I was out and about with my man when I saw these kicks and decided they were coming home with me ... at the moment they are tucked away on lay by (thank you retail) but another week and they'll be on my happy little feet.

Last night I knocked up this wee dragon for a friend ... I had promised her something to do with Dragons but she wont wear hair clips ... or lace up corsets ... so I compromised ... what do you think?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I love Pie.

I love to make all sorts of pies. The other night we had plain meat pie.

It was good ... so good the eldest child requested I make another pie because Grandpa and Daddy ate what was left of this one.

So here ... two pies