Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bibs and Bobs from all over the place ...

Today I had a day without children. With Er-Bear at school and the little man at daycare, it meant I had an entire free day to either carve it up on the sewing machine or do a spot of shopping child free.

Hmmm ... how long did it take you to work out what I did?

First stop was the Department of Transport to renew my license. I wanted a new pic because the last one was taken just after I had Sam and I was a bit post preggo puffy. (Vanity ... oh dear)

Around the corner from the DT is a favourite Thrift Shop and it's only recently opened up again after the christmas break so I ducked in there and found these little pretty bargains


1. & 2. Japanese made Tea cup set of 4 (so pretty)
3. Squirrels
4. Vintage Linen
5. Hand Painted Folk Art Tray
6. Tablecloth with print of England and National Icons
7. Vintage Grooming set - brush and mirror
8. Vintage Hand Painted Voile

I am going to turn the tablecloth into a flip skirt I think

I stopped at a cafe next and had a pot of tea (and read a tattoo mag - for inspiration) and visited the Post Office where I sent off my first ever Etsy sale item. I usually get sales from eBay but I love Etsy so much more and it's so much more affordable!

After the PO I dropped in to Funky Fabrix to have a sticky beak. Of course I couldn't help myself and here are my new lovelies ...


1. Owl Panel from Saffron Craig (blog is here)
2. Sublime Stitching Rock and Roll Embroidery Patterns (blog here)
3. Vintage Fabric pocket Mirror
4. Funky Fabrix Owl Badge/Pin/Button (Funky Fabrix Online here - Funky Blog here)

One last stop before returning home and that was to The Quilters Corner where I purchased this little beauty to make up a derby skirt.


1. Cowboy Fabric from The Quilters Corner

I had so much trouble stopping myself from buying anymore fabric from either of these perfectly gorgeous places ... the fabrics were so lovely and all I could see were things I could turn them into but will power won out!

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edward and lilly said...

Whaaaaaaaat!!!! You got so much cool stuff! I can't even comment properly because I want to say something about everything but don't want to bore you to death. Can't wait to see your sublime stitching!