Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thunderbird Park ... the drive home

Thunderbird Nuptials ...

Work has been crazy the last few weeks. Our dept manager decided to make Melbourne her new home and until she is replaced I have done what I can to keep the ship floating. It's meant longer hours and heavier work load, more stress and more responsibilities. It's been tiring.

So how beautiful did the weekend turn out!

Pete and I were invited to Mick and Summers Wedding at Thunderbird Park at Mt Tambourine and it was gorgeous.
We left the kiddies with a grandparent each and set out for a mini adventure with each other.
The drive there was pretty great especially the short jaunt through the Rainforest.

We arrived and checked into our lodge and got ready. Brad and Krystle joined us and we made our way to the amphitheatre for the wedding. The ceremony was beautiful, the bride was stunning, the bridesmaids looked gorgeous and the groom and his men were handsome.

After the ceremony we 4 went for a short trip down the mountain to the bottle shop to get some more to drink and then we had a bit of a catch up before rejoining the party and making our way to the cafe/restaurant for pre-drinks with everybody.

The reception was set up near the amphitheatre which became the dance floor! The meal was delicious (I swapped with Brad - my Steak for the Salmon!) and the people at our table were great to talk to. I love weddings.