Monday, August 25, 2008

September Special - BABY BOO BONANZA

Custom made Baby Bags

These bags will be made from colour schemes / basic prints of your choice.
They have carry handles, over shoulder strap (adjustable), side pockets with flaps, front zipper pocket, internal divider and features a change mat and mini pouch.

The bags are machine washable and the mat is quilted and padded.

Normally $55 each you can snag one for

For more information or any questions you have e-mail me here:

Just the beginning?

Well seems I'm getting a little bit bigger boots! Kitty Boo Boo's featured range "Machinery" will be in the first issue of a hot up and coming independent publication called Immaculate Heart. The launch party is next week in Melbs so if you are a local pop on down there. You can pick up a copy of the mag through Immaculate Heart's myspace page until it reaches a distributor near you!

The official *Issue One* launch party on Saturday 6th of September will be at The Public Bar, 232-238 Victoria Street, Melbourne.

There will be bands, girls, give-aways and good times to be had.

And for all you under-agers who can't make it to the launch party, catch us Sunday 7th at Worn Wild markets which are being held at LaDiDa (corner of Little Bourke St and King St).
Hope to see you there!

PS - Bring money

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Walking in Winter ...

I have mild debates with myself every season as to whether it's my favourite or not. I guess I'm just lucky to have the option of all four (although lately here in Brisbane it's usually hot or cold with some lovely bare trees or some lovely flowers!)

Going for a walk recently starting in my back yard and not wandering more than a few blocks has left these golden images on my mind ... yes I do love winter here ...

I love the contrast of green and grey. The mud and smiles on my kids (though I'm not so happy about it on anything else :P) especially not my clean washing!

I love the birds at dusk and the quiet solitude that summer never owns

It's almost as though you have to save your good cheer and happiness for the sunshine.

I love the fact that the kids come in at dusk and play together downstairs.

I love the feeling of coming inside to the warmth and coziness after the chill of taking out the rubbish.

I love the rustle of wind in the trees outside the kitchen window when I'm making tea.

I love the rainbows of clothing people wear to cheer up the grey everywhere else.

I love the fact you can have the hottest shower in the world.

I love smelling the stews and other warm dinners people in my street bake.

Yep, I love winter here

Friday, August 1, 2008

Craft adventures ... no wind in my sails

I was actually starting this blog to mainly focus on my crafty stuff, but I haven't had a lot of time to focus on that lately and instead have been flooding this little corner with imagery of my adventures small though they are.

So stay tuned because I have lots of stuff to put up here.
  • I am in the process of making some hairclips and buttons for the markets and my store.
  • I am making a few gifts for my friends who all happen to have birthdays around this time of year. Some softies and dreamcatchers and jewellery so I will post them too!
  • I have been baking up a storm recently and keep forgetting to take some photos but I will post some gorgeous recipes here soon.
  • I have some new kids stuff coming
  • There are more gorgeous girls dresses at the machine now
  • I am halfway through a batch of ladies pencil skirts and tops
  • I am also starting a line of skirts and leg and arm warmers for Derby girls too
I'ma gunna be busy ... but pics will be forthcoming ...

Treasure Hunting

The latest in my treasure hunting expeditions ... I found these glass beauties in a secondhand store. I love them both but I would love to add a lemon or an orange to them. Does anyone know where I can get more?
Oh and here are some gumboots I had on layby ... yay

Tea and Crafty too? This I have to see ....

I like to drive and I like to explore and find things. One of the best things to put a cranky kid in a good mood is to go for a wee drive to get the little tike of to sleep and then a snack when the aforesaid tike awakes!

Last week Sammy and I went on a 'soothe the angry beast' drive and wound up in Samford. A small semi-rural town a few kms away from where I live but a good half hour from the city.
We came across a sweet place called lifestyle where the establishment consisted of a Homeopathic treatment clinic/Nursery/Cafe and Gift Stores.
We had tea and banana cake (well I had the tea and Sam had the banana cake!) They didn't have my favourite (Irish Breakfast) but I settled for Russian Caravan and then we set off to see what we could see ... here's a peek-a-boo for you -

PS I love the fact that I once again found my owl and pussy cat (minus the pea green boat - unless of course you wait for the copper to oxidise!)