Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Handmade Expo - Birthday Cake?


Liesa Gifford wasn’t sure what to expect when she launched The Handmade Expo with her mother and sister in 2008.

So with second birthday celebrations planned for the upcoming expo at Ipswich Turf Club on Saturday, Ms Gifford said the overwhelming success of the monthly “handmade-only” market had come as a welcome shock.

“When we first started, we never expected that it would be as popular as it is. And we never thought that in our wildest dreams it would make it to its second birthday,” said Ms Gifford, who established the expo with her mother, Miriam Bain, and sister Micky Hasted.
“Hand-made is the new black. People are turning to making things at home. We support a lot of micro-businesses and stay-at-home mums and retirees.

“We’re giving an opportunity to these people to sell and promote their products, and sell and promote hand-made.”

Ms Gifford said the expo featured hand-grown, hand-baked and hand-picked products.
“The first 500 people (at the expo) get a free birthday cupcake, and a majority of the stallholders are having birthday specials.”

The expo will run from 8am to 2pm. Entry is free. 

The Handmade Expo
Ipswich Turf Club
8am - 2pm
Saturday 21 August

Monday, August 16, 2010

Basic Embroidery Stitches

I love embroidery.
I love vintage embroidered clothes. I love machine embroidered clothes.

When I was pregnant embroidery was my favourite craft. I could sit there with my big belly and watch the idiot box, listen to music, sit inside, sit outside, sit on the bus, sit on the train etc etc.

I embroidered so many things. The baby clothes, a crazy quilt, my clothes, my shoes and my jackets.
It is such a lovely thing to do and the results are always so pleasing.

Now unfortunately it seems embroidery is what I do to mend holes in clothes, so I thought I would revisit my love for it here and share a few basic stitches. As my love is rekindled I'm sure I'll add more!

Look for the links at the bottom to more wonderful embroidery places :)

 Click on the pic to make it bigger - then print it for easy reference.

Here's a few embroidery designs for you to try ... let me know if you use them! with Jenny with Mary with Denise

don't wish to make anything but just want to buy some yummy embroidered things