Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Victorian Bushfire Handmade Help Appeal

Cindy from Bug and Pop has organised a handmade donation appeal to go to the Red Cross for the Victorian Bushfire Appeal.

Are you a maker of handmade stuff? Do you like to buy handmade?

Here's how you can help (and thanks to Pip at Meet Me at Mike's for the body of this blog!)

*If you would like to list a crafty item for auction to benefit the Victorian Bushfire Appeals - then pop over HERE and let us know when you have. You can email Cindy from there.
* If you would like to donate a handmade item for distribution to families in need (when the timing is right, and in consultation with The Red Cross) the go over HERE to find the drop-off points or addresses to post to.
* If you would like to bid on a handmade item to benefit those affected by the fires (which are STILL raging) the go over HERE.
* If you would like to start knitting or crocheting cool weather items for these families (and singles) - then go over THERE and let everyone know what you are up to.
* If you would like to make a quilt for someone who lost everything - go over THERE and let us know.
* If you would like to organise for your business to be a drop-off point for donated handmade items - go over THERE and tell us that too.

This is a long term project with no finish date at this stage. These people will need ongoing support, aid and assistance for quite some time. Many of them have lost everything.

As Pip at Meet Me at Mikes says - If you are in a position to donate money please do so directly through an organisation accepting monetary donations.

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REread said...

thanks for this post ... very informative ... I will pop into all the links :)