Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy from my sister ...

My sister came to visit me and brought me some happy!

Subconscious collecting ...

I do it even when I'm not trying! I was looking in my cupboard for a suitable mug for my beloved tea when I realised that I have started another collection.
Landscape mugs. Seems I didn't even know I had a penchant for them, but the proof is in the cupboard ...

Saturday Lunch

It's the simple things in life ... like making your own sandwich ...

Daddy at the airport ...

Pete was away a while ago and when he came home the kids and I went out to pick him up ... I always like to take the kids out a bit earlier, to make sure we get to the gate on time but also so they can have a run around and check out the planes, people, pilots etc.
The best part is of course when we see Daddy ...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"Did you mean: He Invented?"

Just hanging around the net scoping things when I found this little number ... very interesting

Thursday, May 24, 2007
Google Stops "Did You Mean: He Invented"


Google was recently reported to correct the following search queries via their “did you mean?” functionality:
she invented -> Did you mean: he invented
she scored -> Did you mean: he scored
she instructed -> Did you mean: he instructed
she saved -> Did you mean: he saved
she discovered -> Did you mean: he discovered
she golfed -> Did you mean: he golfed
(and more...)

This spellchecking behavior (which is automated, and probably based on the web corpus or searcher behavior) has now been stopped. It might be Google engineers manually corrected this using a blacklist, or they advanced their algorithm to return more relevant spellcheckings for cases like these – it seems clear that a search query like “she invented” is not likely to be a misspelling (it may be, but it likely isn’t in most cases, hence a “did you mean” box is bad usability).

In an earlier case about offensive search results, Google wrote:

"Sometimes subtleties of language cause anomalies to appear that cannot be predicted. (...)

The beliefs and preferences of those who work at Google, as well as the opinions of the general public, do not determine or impact our search results. Individual citizens and public interest groups do periodically urge us to remove particular links or otherwise adjust search results. Although Google reserves the right to address such requests individually, Google views the comprehensiveness of our search results as an extremely important priority."

(Note: no matter what Google tells you, algorithms are always influenced by those who design, write & test them – including their preferences)

[Thanks David Hetfield!]

Monday, October 6, 2008

Eleven Details

I saw this over at Mikes and after Pip's invitation decided to tag myself too! Why don't you tag yourself!?

Eleven Details About Me: Your Favourite

1. Clothes shop – Kitty Boo Boo, Op Shops, Etsy
2. Furniture shop – Side of the road, Vinnies, Ikea
3. Sweet – Starburst Gummy Fruits
4. City – Only lived in a few, Brisbane is great but I want to visit Tokyo, Vegas, Barcelona, New York, Prague, London & MORE
5. Drink – Vodka, Cosmopolitan, Lemonade, Ice Tea
6. Music - Just about everything, i love the swinging Forties, Big Band, Rock, Indie, Metal, Electronica, and so many more...
7. TV Series – Project Runway, Entourage, Six Feet Under, Breaking Bad, The L Word
8. Film - 80's anything, Love Actually, Donny Darko and SOOOOO many more
9. Workout - Weights, Pilates, Yoga
10. Pastries - Croissants
11. Coffee – Cafe Latte with a shot of Vanilla