Monday, November 14, 2011

TUTORIAL: Recycled Paper Christmas Tree Decoration

Hi! Welcome to the beginning of "Christmas with Kitty Boo Boo". I love a handmade Christmas with all the making and creating and I love sharing the joy of making and creating too. From  now through to Christmas I will be sharing some of my Christmas decoration ideas. I hope you find something you like to make and I'd love to hear your feedback and see your versions! Please feel free to link back to my blog!

Note: All instructions and photographs are my own and copyrighted. If you choose to use them please credit them back to me. Thanks

Recycled Christmas Trees with Glitter


* Small magazine or book
* Gold Spray Paint
* Glitter
* Scissors
    1.    Fold the spine of the magazine so that it is broken

    2.    Fold the pages of the magazine in towards the spine one at a time. Then fold them all in again so the fold is smaller.


     3.    Use scissors to cut the irregular shape from the bottom of the pages. You could leave this attached but if the paper of the magazine is soft or thin the tree will be unstable
    4.    Spray the small tree with the gold paint and dust with glitter

     Now you have a gorgeous table centerpiece.
    Other ideas:

    Spray with adhesive glue (so you can still see the text) and then sprinkle with glitter

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