Friday, September 24, 2010

Tutorial - Super Easy Stockings - Ribbon or Ric Rac

Super Easy Stockings – Ribbon or Ric Rac


To make one stocking:

·         40cm of outer fabric
·         40cm lining fabric (optional)
·         25cm fabric for cuff
·         Thread
·         Scissors
·         Decorative button
·         15cm of ribbon for hanging
·         40cm each of 4 to 8 coordinating ribbons or Ric Rac
·         Coordinating thread for topstitching


Cutting the fabric
Cut out or trace the stocking template.
Tape the body and foot templates together.
Cut two cuff pieces from the cuff fabric and two stocking pieces from the stocking fabric.


Decorating the stocking
Place ribbons/ric rac on outside of one stocking piece and pin in place when you are happy. Stitch down with coordinating thread. If your machine has decorative stitches these may look great on the ribbons
If you want to decorate the cuff with an appliqué now is the time to do it


Stitching the stocking together
Place one of the cuff pieces to one of the stocking pieces right sides together, pin and stitch together. Repeat with the other cuff and stocking with the stocking facing the opposite direction.
Place these pieces right sides together and sew with a 1cm seam allowance around the outside edge of the stocking and cuff.
Use your pinking shears to cut around the entire edge of the stocking and cuff. Make sure you cut close to the edge so you don't cut the seam.
Fold over a hem at the top of the cuff and stitch. Now fold the cuff over the stocking at the seam.

Attaching the ribbon hanging loop
Taking a piece of ribbon form a loop and stitch to the outer edge of the stocking at the seam that is in line with the heel of the stocking.
Stitch a decorative button on the ribbon and you are finished

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Silver Linings, Clouds and School Holidays

Today Erin and I made her first softie. She drew the design herself and we stitched and stuffed it up today.

We traced her drawing so we could use it as a pattern template and cut each of the three pieces out of the fabric she chose from the 'shop' downstairs in my sewing room.

We added the seam allowance and made the sun rays first. 

We clipped the corners so they would fold in neatly and attached it to the sun. 

Then we lightly padded the sun. After applying a basting stitch to keep the stuffing in we attached it to the cloud body.

We clipped all the corners and curves and left a little opening to stuff it. Then we hand stitched the opening closed.

Now Erin is designing her next softie and can't wait to show her Dad when he gets home from work today.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tutorial - Felt Christmas Tree Bunting

Christmas Tree Bunting


·         Felt in various shades of green  - (I made 14 for Merry Christmas) – amount will vary on the size of your tree and how many you want to make
·         Heavy weight fusible interfacing – same amount as felt
·         Ribbon – approximately 2.5 - 3mtrs long
·         Buttons or alphabet tags
·         Scissors
·         Pinking Shears
·         Christmas Tree template - at end of this tutorial


Cutting the trees

Following manufacturer’s instructions iron the interfacing onto the reverse side of the felt.
Using the template cut out the Christmas trees. I spaced mine out to fit 3 on a piece of felt. (see the picture below)
Using the pinking shears cut the bottom of all the branches except for the very top branch


Stringing the bunting
Work out the length of your ribbon and determine the spacing of your trees. Using the buttons, alphabet tags or beads stitch the trees onto the ribbon.


Hang your bunting over a doorway or window or wall

Thanks for looking! Feel free to share my bunting but please remember all images and words are copyrighted. Please link back here if you wish to post this on your blog or share with others :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tutorial - Fabric Gift Tags

Fabric Gift Tags

·         Fabric - each strip is 14cm x 11cm
·         Heavy weight fusible interfacing
·         Thread
·         Rotary cutter or scissors
·         Large eyelets
·         Calico and stamps for the inner tag
·         Ribbon

Using the template cut strips of fabric 14cm x 11cm. You can vary the measurements to suit you.
Using the smaller template cut the interfacing. You’ll need the interfacing narrower and shorter than the size of the fabric strip.  You’ll need one piece of interfacing for each strip of fabric you cut

Sewing the tags
Take a fabric piece and lay the interfacing onto it in the centre. Iron it together. Place another piece over the top of that with wrong sides together. Sew along the edge using a 1.5cm (1/2”) seam allowance. I have used a decorative stitch around the edge of my tags.

Inner tag
Stamp the calico or just keep calico plain. Cut around the border with the pinking shears. Stitch the tag down on the topside of the tag. I used a decorative stitch here as well but a straight stitch is fine. You can also hand stitch it if you like.

Using the template as a guide mark the spot where you want to eyelet to go. Following the manufacturer’s instructions insert eyelets to the tags.

1. Cut a piece of ribbon about 30cm long.
2. Fold in half and thread the ends through the eyelet.
3. Double them back and pull them through the loop of ribbon at the other end.
4. Pull gently until it is looped over the end of the tag.

Write on them and attach them to your handmade gifts! 


click to enlarge and print

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Tutorial - Fabric Flower Garland

Fabric Flower Garland

·         Scissors
·         Needle
·         Thread
·         Fabric scraps
·         Something circular to make a template (cotton reel, ribbon spool)
·         Yarn or embroidery thread for stringing the garland

Use the spool of thread to trace a circle. Then cut the circles out. Cut as many as you want

Take one circle and fold it in half and then take the half circle and fold it in half again

Then take your circle and stitch through the bottom. Continue this step, adding at least 6 circles on top of the first

The more circles you add the fuller your flower will be. However the density of the fabric will alter this. Felt and mid weight cotton will only require 7-9 pieces, chiffons may require 12 or more

NOTE: The bigger your circle is the MORE circles you'll need to make the flower puffy. The above circle is about 8cm in diameter

Once you have sewn all circles, connect the petals together by stitching through each one at the corner and then tying off the thread with a double knot

Cut 2.5 – 3 meters of yarn or embroidery thread and add on the flowers one by one. I spaced my flowers 10cm apart and secured them in place with a knot before stringing and after stringing so they wouldn’t slide around

Hang over a doorway, window, on your Christmas tree or on your table

I made mine using christmas colours as mine is part of the demonstrations I'll be doing at work but you can make one of these for just about any occasion. Especially now it's spring and tea party season!

Feel free to repost this but link back here if you can. The design itself is not copyrighted but the words and images are so please be thoughtful :P