Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dresses starting at $35!!!! WHAT??? WHERE????

Pre Christmas SALE SALE SALE ... trying to get a bit Christmassy here as the vibe has been decidedly lacking so to inspire some Christmas Spirit in myself I have listed a handful of dresses starting at $35!

Jump on this link to go and see ends Sunday

FREE POSTAGE in AUSTRALIA the day after receiving payment!


Monday, November 23, 2009

South V Nth Brisbane Roller Derby and Markets

I'll be here on Nov 28th from 6:30 pm until late with a market stall.

Come and check out all the stalls and all the goodness that is Roller Derby.
Especially LOCAL Roller Derby.

these guys had nearly 1700 spectators at their last bout
Book and buy your ticket online Sunstate Roller Girls
These girls in Sunstate Roller Girls and Brisbane Northern Rollers are serious players and are strong competition ... it's gonna be a great night

Beenleigh Arena
2-10 Milne St
No eftpos so bring cash for the markets - eftpos is available to pay for your tickets

BrisStyle Tote Update

These Totes, with the image designed by Sam from Jetta's Nest, will be on sale at our BrisStyle Indie Designers Market on December 5th for $10 each from the BrisStyle Promo Stand and also from a number of our stall holders.

Kitty Boo Boo is one of them!

Keep an eye out as I will even have some special offers available on the day.

What a great way to minimize the use of plastic and paper bags and a great way to carry all that BrisStyle Christmas shopping home in style!

p.s If you are not a local or unable to attend our BrisStyle Indie Designers Market and would like to order a tote please feel free to email me at and I'll work something out for you

Thanks to Bel from EmBelIsh updating the BrisStyle blog and for supplying words and image

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wrap it up! October and November in 1 hit ...

I hadn't realised how much I had neglected my blog until I went to take some of the pics off my camera! Woah Nelly ... talk about busy and not enough time to sit down and have a cup of tea ...


Halloween was a blast ... the kids and I decorated and dressed up and waited for the neighbourhood kids to come around knocking ...

One hot day after school and work I took the kids down to Bunya River for a bit of afternoon tea and duck watching, we then planned our next picnic and decided we'd come back another day after school with our swimmers and take a little dip

Kitty Boo Boo is now stocked in Handmade Heaven in Ipswich. This shop rocks and I bought so much stuff but it all went to my sisters a and b at my sister a's baby shower

Speaking of which the baby shower was great until Sam decided to have the biggest meltdown to date ... I was horrified and had no idea how to deal with it because he's never been so naughty or disobedient. However apart from toddler tanties and other dramas it was great to chill with my sisters and niece and nephew

The Kustom Krafts Market was on Sun Nov 8 and we had a great day even though it was so hot we practically melted

Finished for BiDM now are some more wrist cuffs (with thanks to my fellow Brown Owl Kelly for her nimble fingers and button attaching!)
With limited time between the kids and work I haven't been able to organise much time for making for the BrisStyle indie Designer Markets and spent earlier this week cutting out and I have been sewing like a MAD WOMAN yesterday and managed to get this pile of stuff half done

skirts for girls, shorts for girls and boys, dresses for the ladies and the second pic above are the straps for NEW sundresses with a vintage/retro 50's style also managed to make more earrings and still need to get some hairclips made later next week ...
all of which will be available HERE

And lastly I can't believe I am about to do this but check out the disaster area. It's like a minefield but a lot neater after a quick organising for the next available period of sewing frenzy!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

News and catch ups ...

I wont be online for a little while due to having to restock and attend a few pre christmas gatherings and my sisters baby shower.

So in the mean time here's a bit of news:
All winners of giveaways will receive their parcels soon as I am posting off tomorrow!

Kitty Boo Boo is really happy and excited to now be stocked in Handmade Heaven. Yay yay yay

I'll be taking some more clothes down over the next few weeks ... there is so much beautiful stuff in there! I bought some cupcake soaps, a gorgeous ring, a cool colouring in book, a baby wrap 'cake' and a cool gift card. I will put pics up at a later date as they are for the aforementioned baby shower!

Such beautiful creative work in that store! Lovely Leisa, it's all beautiful and I can't wait to see your expansion!

Don't forget people, the one stop hot spot for unique christmas presents will be the BrisStyle Markets

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And the winners are ....

has been drawn thanks to the Random Number Generator and the results are as follows:
  • 10 - Kellie Christie - First Choice Pack 6
  • 6 - Hot Fudge - First Choice Pack 7
  • 8 - Daneve - First Choice Pack 1
  • 12 - Gill - First Choice Pack 4
  • 11 - Rebecca - Second Choice Pack 5
  • 13 - Embelish - Second Choice Pack 3
  • 1 - Bubba Chenille - Pack 2

Congratulations to all of you!

Please send me your postal adress details asap so I can pop these goodies into the post for you!

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

MASSIVE Christmas Crafters Giveaway - Biggest Ever

Merry Christmas!

Okay, so it's not for a little while - 7 weeks or so - but it keeps getting closer and I have a huge - H-U-G-E giveaway for someone out there ... actually 7 people out there - that's RIGHT!

Plus if this goes out early enough it's enough time to do some crafting!

Entry is open to all countries - postage is free
Entries close midnight AEST Sat Nov 10 2009


1 x Pattern Kwik Sew 3278
1 x Christmas Apron Panel (DIY instructions included) Red
1 x Button Bundle

1 x Pattern Simplicity 4810
1 x Christmas Apron Panel (DIY instructions included) Green
1 x Button Bundle

1 x Pattern Kwik Sew 3279
1 x Fat Quarter Bundle (3 fats approx 18" x 22")
1 x Button Bundle

1 x Fat Quarter Bundle (3 fats approx 18" x 22")
  • 1 x Pack of Alphabet Discs ( 57pcs )
  • 1-Q,V,W,X,Z
  • 2-B,C,D,F,G,H,J,K,L,M,P,S,T,U,Y
  • 3-O,R
  • 4-A,E,I,N
3 x Iron On Motifs

1 x Fat Quarter Bundle (6 fats approx 18" x 22")

3x Star Felt Ornaments - Handmade by me

1 x Brooch
1 x Hair Snap
1 x Bobby Pin Reindeer
1 x Bobby Pin Holly

All handmade by me

Entry is open to all countries
Entries close midnight AEST Sat Nov 10 2009
Winners are chosen randomly

To win you need to do the following :

  • Leave a comment with your preferred pack win order (eg 5,3,4,2,7,1,6) this ensures that if someone drawn before you wins your first preference you can be given your next preference
  • FOLLOW ME (the link is on the right)
  • If you have a blog, link up to this giveaway to share the Christmas joy. The links to this post is at the bottom of the post and if you click it it will allow you to have a link to put on your blog. Leave me another comment letting me know it's linked and that will be your second entry.
You can also:
  • Visit my ETSY STORE and heart your favourite item or heart me
  • Tweet me if you have a twitter account - just press the tweet me button at the bottom of the post

Please make sure you leave an e-mail address so I can contact you!


Friday, October 23, 2009

Yoyo my day away ... my space today

After drafting some patterns for belts and making up the templates I didn't actually feel like cutting out today ... so after 8 loads of washing and other boring monotonous housework I managed to squeeze in some time on my day off to make some yoyo's.

I use these babies on headbands, hairclips, brooches, belts, anything I can stitch or glue them on to. I LOVE THEM. And they'll be all over stuff I'm making for the South Bank Young Designer Markets on Nov 1st and also the BrisStyle Markets on Dec 5th

Kitchen Delights and Kitty Brights ...

Yay for summer ... in my house we like to cook light and summer is the season for fish and salad. We can't seem to get enough and it's amazing how the same four basic ingredients can be so wholly changed with a few extra herbs and spices ...

Last night it was a throw together - I had meant to have a Thai Salad but we didn't go shopping so with the fish Pete brought home I julienned some potatoes and after frying them up I doused them with a sprinkle of lime and chilli salt.

The fish was pan fried with more lime and some Ketjap Manis. I used baby roma tomatoes and chunks of coriander in the salad. After sprinkling with ground coriander I mixed up some olive oil, sweet chilli, lemon juice and salt and poured that over.


We had a garage sale last weekend and my neighbour and friend Liz popped over and we were discussing wool. She recently started felting and loves it. I happened to have a few balls of wool that she could no longer get and to show her gratitude she made Erin a felt Kitty like the others she has been making.

The photos really don't do this kitty justice

She makes Babushkas, Retro Kitty Cats and she brought over a bag with a beautiful wrap and hat and some felt slippers she has made.

I'm trying to get her onto Etsy because her stuff is that great

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween Creepy Cute Giveaway!

Hidie Hi from some little creepy cute guys ... these boys are buddies which is good because I'm sure Sam will have them having duals and wars ... I love watching the kids play with toys I make and usually they're a bit cute so it's even cooler that both Sam and Erin like these guys too ...

I love the creepy side of my crafting, having been a goth for many years I still have a hankering for black stuff and lace etc every now and then so I love Halloween because it means that side of me can be expressed with free will

I know we don't really celebrate Halloween here in Australia and I know it's actually at the wrong time of year for us too but I do so love it ... the kids and I will dress up and hand out treats and watch The Nightmare Before Christmas (and when they go to bed I'll watch my beloved Donnie Darko)

What are your plans this Halloween?

Leave me a comment, follow my blog and you could win one of these ... but hurry ... giveaway ends on the 26th Oct at 9pm AEST (the clips in the packet are devil horns!)