Monday, September 28, 2009

Weird Science ...

The last week of school before the holidays Erin had a Wacky Science day where all the kids were invited to dress as Mad Scientists or Professors and they spent the day in the Hall conducting experiments and testing their theories.

To dress Erin up we made her an ID badge and she chose a wig and wacky clothes with a cape and we poked out the shades of a pair of old sunglasses and ...ta da!

Professor Erin

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Marking me today ... L-O-V-E

Tonight I had dinner with one of my closest and oldest friends ever.

As an army brat the types of friends you have fall into few categories, here today gone tomorrow or forever friends. As you get older some army kids manage to adapt to a life of the friend nomad. I managed ok by not trying too hard, a balance of holding in and letting in which can be quite tricky, especially as you enter your teens. By the time I was 16 I decided I had had enough moving and stayed behind when my parents got their next transfer ... admittedly I had to live with my grandma but it was worth it.

Tess is one of my forever friends, over the years we have meandered in and out of eachothers lives, going from irrationally obsessed BFF's to once a week catch ups and chill outs. I would trust her with my life. She is one of the true loves of my life. I met her when I was 14 and we were friends as soon as we spoke. We've been friends ever since. This is more than half our lives and after all we have seen and lived over the last 19 years we live about 4 blocks from eachother. Pretty cool.

Another forever friend is Pete ... 17 years I have known Pete. We've loved, hated, love-hated, and loved all that time.

So this got me thinking about love ... l-o-v-e ... and what it means to all of us, on all levels ... friends, lovers, family ...

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Recovery 1,2,3 ...

Racecourse Rd Street Party was a great day and it was fantastic hanging with Pete all day.
I had a great day catching up with all the BrisStylettes and meeting a handful of new ones who came along.

My in-laws looked after the kids and brought them in for a look-see, they had a great time watching the Erth show and it was cool watching the Dinosaurs walk the streets.

Finally the weather has begun to really warm up and I can break out my dresses again

Now after a solid month of back to back markets every weekend all month it's time to recover and recuperate. Back to making more stock soon!

A lot of time will have to be devoted to cleaning up my sewing room which looks like it's been hit with a bomb. This also means it's a great time to get in there and remove some of the fabric I have stashed.

We'll be having a garage sale soon and I plan on using that time to clear out HEAPS of patterns and fabric and haby items and craft extras

Another big baby ...

This article was featured on MSN today

Indonesian woman gives birth to 8.7 kilo boy

Image: Getty

In the article they make mention of other large babies born all over the world. The largest recorded baby was born to Anna Bates in Canada in 1879. The baby weighed 23lbs 12oz (10.8kg) and measured 30" (76.2cm) in length.

I thought this was really crazy so I looked it up and what the media hype leaves out is that Anna Bates was a giant. She was about 8 feet tall and worked for PT Barnum until she met Martin Van Buren who himself was no little dude coming in at 7 feet 22". He was also known as the 'Kentucky Giant'.

Anna and Martin Van Buren pictured with a man of average height

These gigantic people would of course have genes that preclude gigantic children. Sadly neither of their children survived (perhaps due to a genetic problem?)

Anyway ....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

BrisStyle crashes Racecourse Rd Street Party

Let's Party....BrisStyle!

The BrisStyle Indie Designers are crashing the Racecourse Rd Street Party in Hamilton this weekend so put your dancin' shoes on and shimmy on down to get your hands on the HOTest handmade in Brisbane:

Gorgeous Children's ware, loveable Softies and Wooden toys, Handbags, Accessories, Jewellery, Eco Homewares and fabric, Pet ware, Vintage re-creations and much, much more!

We'll be right out the front of the home of our Markets

St Augustine's Church grounds right in the heart of
Racecourse Rd.

See you all there!


10:00am - 5pm

In the meantime visit us all online at:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Racecourse Rd Street Party, Brisbane Festival 20th Sept 2009

Free live music across four stages, countless food, craft and art market stalls, music and dance workshops and hairstyles that would make Marie Antoinette look like a minimalist, make the Racecourse Road Street Party the ultimate day out.

Kitty Boo Boo and many more BrisStylettes will have stalls there as well as a communal BrisStyle stall showcasing works of members

The entertainment line up includes The Gin Club, funk party band Pablo Discobar, jazz and hip hop from Jumbledat, dub and reggae courtesy of Dubdoubt, and every genre of music from countless artists including Hungry Kids of Hungary, Tara Simmons, Dubmarine, Pear and the Awkward Orchestra and Resin Dogs.

A new Latin Quarter provides tango performances and workshops, plus soulful tunes and spicy grooves to get everyone in the street on their feet. Those brave enough can visit Spanish performance artists Osadia for a truly hair-raising hair style. Families won't miss out with Erth’s dinosaur performance ‘The Petting Zoo’ fabulous street performers and plenty of free kids' activities including face painting and workshops make it a fantastic day out.

Get involved or just grab a glass of wine at one of Racecourse Road's many cafes and restaurants, relax and watch the crowds enjoy one of Brisbane's best street parties

Full programme here

Kustom Kulture Markets 13th Sept

Kustom Krafts Markets

SUN 13th September

11am - 5pm

10 Moreton St
Paddington, Brisbane

The bi monthly market is on again and set to be the best Kustom Kulture Market yet with 20 + stalls with the coolest of cool for you to spend your hard earned dough on.


Silk Orchid Corsetry -stunning handmade corsets
Elusive Truth-Cute hair accessories and clothing
Kitty Boo Boo - Hair accessories, Alternative and Rockabilly clothing
Asylum In Red- Handmade alternative threads
Werewolf Society- Gothic handmade accessories and clothing
Pretty Little Birdie-Kawaii clothing, corsets and accessories
Deadly Sexxy Fashions- New Gothic and alternative wear
Cowpunkabilly- Mens and womens western shirts and gear
My Little Rockabilly- Vintage Clothing, Jewellery and modern novelty kitsch
Libbie- Selling awesome vintage clothing mens and womens
Emily- Selling clothing from her gorgeous wardrobe
La La Vintage- 1950's clothing
Eclectic Mix- Handmade indie styled clothing
Jean Wheatley- Atomic/ eames era furniture and handbags
Missy and Chris Kohii- Photography, bric a brac, second hand clothes
3 Burlesque babes are having a joint stall selling second hand goodies
Discraced Angel Accessories- Cute jewellery and accessories
Zabbar- Retro alternative clothing for guys and gals
Xelyna Gothic Lolita-Handmade clothing
Classic Vintage- 20's- 80's gear
The Zed- selling food, bric a brac and car gear
Marees Vintage- vintage buttons, craft items, and bags
Tiki Beat - Hand carved tiki's, mugs by artist marcus thorn
Black Fridays- Punk, Psychobilly gear,stickers, tiki mugs
Karie- Her collection from the past 20 years, bric a brac,sewing,clothes, vintage heaven

Monday, September 7, 2009

FREE Bag pattern giveaway and a stash clear out ...

Hi all

Massively busy over here at the moment, more markets coming up and after doing two in a row last weekend I am tired but happy and yet ... OUT OF STOCK of hairclips.

I wont be posting much this month so in the in between here's something for you!

Dragonfly Studios Bag PatternMcCalls 3834

A pattern for 2 bags (one bag is in 2 sizes) from Dragonfly Studios
a pattern for 3 bags in varying styles from McCalls.

All you need to do is leave a comment here at the end of this post with your contact details and if you don't already follow me then join the follow me crowd in the left scroll bar.
This giveaway is running until 30th September - Good Luck!

If you like to sew, knit, embroider, glue stuff, cut stuff up or generally make stuff head over to my e-Bay store whilst I clean out my stash ... I have SO MUCH stuff going in there will be new stuff added at least once weekly. I still have to list some vintage 50's patterns and some current season patterns too ...

Kitty Boo Boo's Attic

This is a growing monster because I have been 'collecting' fabric, patterns, crafty stuff et al for over 10 years. I need a big overhaul so my sewing room is more like a studio and less like a shipping container.

Hooroo ...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Memory lane, teenage fiction and up to my elbows in cuffs ...

It's been a strange fortnight (for those Americans amongst us this is slang for a two week period ;) ... In some ways it's been a bit of a cicada/reptillian process of first looking inwards and then shedding or moulting and emerging refreshed, heading into a newly motivated direction.

I have met up with MANY people over the last 10 days, most that I haven't seen in nearly 15 years and it's been a little randomly awe inspiring.
Each of the people I have met has been a significant part of my life and it has been crazy good and freaky weird ... but it has allowed me to tidy up loose ends and start fresh and shiny and clean ... I like it

I have also been wandering down memory lane in regards to books that I have loved and learnt from especially in my angsty teenage years. Most of these books I have kept and read occasionally (once every 5 yrs or so) but now that my eldest daughter is reading confidently I can't wait the next few years to share these wonderful books with her as she grows older.
These novels have all truly affected me and stayed with me over the years so I thought I'd share them here and those of you who are readers might want to venture out and see if you can pick one up somewhere ...

Let me know if you read them too!

Z for Zachariah - Robert C O'Brien (Unfortunately he died whilst writing the last chapter and his family finished the book. It doesn't really hurt it but to my mind it didn't quite fit)

It is written from the first person perspective of a sixteen-year-old girl named Ann Burden, who survives a nuclear war in a small American town. The town's location is in a geographically distinct and remote valley that shelters it from the nuclear fallout. The book takes the form of a diary kept by Ann as she recounts the events that followed the war.

Sparkle & Nightflower - Sonia Hartnett

Sparkle and Nightflower are nicknames that a single mum and her son have for eachother. They move to a small Australian country town to take over a boarding house that was left to them.

Thunderwith - Libby Hathorn

This is a story of a man Larry Ritchie, who lives with his second wife and three kids on an Australian Farm in the Wallingat Forest NSW. He learns about fatal illness of his first wife which leaves his eldest daughter, Lara, alone in the world. Larry decides to take the girl into his home, but his new family doesn't like the idea. The mother Gladwyn is possessive of Larry and their three children, Pearl, Opal and Jasper. Lara seeks solace with a mysterious dog she names Thunderwith that appears from time to time on the property. The dog seems to the girl to be a link to her beloved mother and an important companion. The story concentrates on the relationship between mother Gladwyn and stepdaughter, as Lara is slowly accepted into the family.

So Much to Tell You - John Marsden

Based on a true story and presented as a diary that a 14 year old girl, Marina, writes. Marina is disfigured by her father. She refused to talk to anyone when she was at hospital to recover, so she was sent to Warrington Boarding School for a chance to communicate again. But even then, her silence goes on. Her English teacher Mr. Lindell gives her class journals to write in. Despite the unwillingness to write in the journal, Marina still records some trivial daily events in her school down. She eventually starts to write beyond just trivia and the readers are able to see Marina's world, and how her friends, teachers and families influence her. Marina goes from not interacting at all, to opening up and socializing, as well as communicating. As the book goes on, Marina's uncertain feelings towards her father fade away. In the end of the book she goes to see him, and speaks the only words she says in the entire book

My Darling, My Hamburger - Paul Zindel

As senior year rolls around, two unlikely couples find themselves caught between desire and the fear of intimacy. Liz and Sean, misunderstood by their parents, confused but certain they are in love, have an affair that ends shatteringly. Maggie and Dennis, just as confused, take their first steps toward understanding the demands life makes on everyone. Faced with real-life dilemmas that have no easy answers, Maggie, Dennis, Liz, and Sean must make choices that will affect the rest of their lives.

Mazes and Monsters - Rona Jaffe

Young Robbie Wheeling plays the Mazes and Monsters game with his friends. They're everything to him; a refuge from his family and the heartbreaks of reality. One day, as he and his friends undertake their first live-action roleplay, Robbie's mind snaps. In that instant, he takes on the simple personality of Pardeux, his cleric character in the game. He vanishes, and Lieutenant Martini suspects foul play, whether accidental or intentional, on the part of his fellow players... until Robbie, in one brief moment of clarity, calls home from distant New York. Returned home, he returns to being Pardeux, now safe in the arms of his friends and family, who pray he will someday return to normal.

Lastly here's a peak a boo at some wrist cuffs I'll be carting around the markets with me ...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New stuff for kids!!

Things have been crazy around here with birthdays and school fetes and markets every weekend but I have finally managed to take some pics of some of the new stuff for kids I will be putting into my stores and taking to the markets.

Something for the girls ...

Something for the boys ...