Friday, January 27, 2012

Kitty Boo Boo Handmade Wedding - The beginning


My beautiful now husband and I have known each other since we were 16. We started dating/going out when we were in Yr 12. We were very serious and crazy in love, we were engaged but we broke up for a little while and eventually got back together a few years later. We moved in together and moved to Melbourne.

We returned to Brisbane and about a year later found out we were expecting. In 2002 we welcomed a beautiful little girl and we became engaged (again). 4 years later  in 2006 we welcomed a beautiful little man.
Our lives together have been rich and full and in 2010 we decided after much discussion with the kids that maybe we would actually get married.

On October 22nd 2011 we finally tied the knot of our 19 year love affair and made our children legitimate in the eyes of the law (and some family members).

I have been inundated since the date was decided, with the making of wedding stuff and the sad passing of a dear Aunt and then the craziness of Christmas and markets, so I haven't been posting at all about the wedding. Crazy I know, since it was such a huge event in our lives, it passed relatively quickly and quietly!

I'd like to share with you over a number of posts the things we made for our wedding. Although not strictly a 100% handmade affair, we used as much of our own creative resources as possible. We reached out to our friends and fellow creatives and put together a wonderful wedding.


REread said...

awe .... looking forward to many, many photos!

John said...

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