Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 2010 Photo-A-Day-Challenge Week 2 Review

January 2010 Photo-A-Day-Challenge week in review - week 2

Day 8 - Your sky. I’m at the markets today and just as I took this pic outside my stall I saw the heart shaped cloud. Cool.

Day 9 - Your Daily Routine. Cannot operate without a cup of tea. I love it Grandma style, from a pot complete with cosy and a special spoon. Thanks @petatron for my Vegas Wayne Newton spoon.

Day 10 - Childhood. What could be better for a morning tea surprise snack then a cup full of ice cream with strawberry topping, sprinkles, marshmallows, and a cherry on top. Such a hot day deserves an awesome childhood treat.

Day 11 - Where you sleep.

Day 12 - Close Up. Just my top. I love the swallows

Day 13 - In your bag. Purse made by Sybella. Nurse hairclip made by me, sunnies, pens, deodorant, camera, lots of paper.

Day 14 - what I'm reading. I always read a few books at once. Main fave right now is DK's 77 Shadow St

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