Thursday, July 14, 2011

Well ... this is a musical marriage ... all three ways

I am on my way to a costume party this weekend with a musical theme. I have decided to go dressed as Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. Pete is still thinking. We couldn't agree or decide on a couple to go as. However after stumbling across this while I was researching Karen's jacket I think maybe I can convince him to go as Trent Reznor (N.I.N.) I adore Karen O (and the YYY's), have a very delicate spot in my heart for Trent (and NIN) and after hearing this ... Led Zeppelin in the mix? S-W-O-O-N ... Love, BIG Love.

The song is Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin, produced by Trent and sung by Karen. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (english version) isn't released in the US until December, so I'll have to wait to get the complete soundtrack until then, but knowing it's coming ... awesome

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