Monday, June 13, 2011

The Wedding Invites

Pete and I are trying to incorporate as much of ourselves into our wedding as possible. We have mashed up a few themes and taken aspects from all the things we love for inspiration.

The Wedding Invites
Wedding Invites

So far we are mashing Vintage, 1920's, 1940's, Art Nouveau, Rockabilly/Flash Tattoo, Romanticism, and whatever else we decide to throw in. The funny thing is that these are all kind of linked to each other too. Our colour scheme is the soft dreamy pastels associated with romance and vintage sweetness, dusky rose, mint green, ice blue and creamy gold. I found awesome shoes and matched the colours on my shoes with the paint chips and then found fabric to match the chips.

Our Colour Scheme and Fabric Samples

I drew our Save The Dates and Pete was going to do the Invitations.

Save the Dates

Unfortunately (for Pete) he took too long and if we don't send the invites tomorrow it will be too late! So I spent yesterday working on the illustrations and putting all the pieces together.We don't even have time to use a printer so I've had to rack my brain for a passable wedding invite that's totally last minute handmade craziness.

Wedding Invites

I had a few sheets of pearl card stock and vellum. I decided to print the invite on the vellum and just the border and swallows on the pearl card and just layer the vellum over the card stock and pin them together with a coordinating brad. I found these brads by American Crafts and bought them last December because they were an awesome match for our colour scheme. I think I was originally going to use them as centrepieces for fabric and paper flowers.


I spent ages last night cutting and trimming and making RSVP cards and a small info sheet as we're having a location wedding.

All in all I am quite proud of this last minute job. It's almost as good as I pictured in my head. But surprisingly the thing that makes me proudest is that this was 100% handmade from my stash.

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Cloud said...

Beautiful Katie. Absolutely love those invites!