Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rock it Out - Karen O style

Tonight I'm off to a 40th birthday party. It's a costume party with a trivia night all in one and the theme is music. Awesome.

Here in Australia we have two music trivia T.V. shows in particular which this party is based on - ROCKWIZ and SPICKS AND SPECKS.

I love both these shows and I love a good dress up so I am really excited about it. I have decided to go as Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeah's.

I have a black wig which is reminiscent of a bowl bob and the rocker chic outfit is pretty easy but not a lot of people know who Karen O is or who the YYY's are - I KNOW RIGHT!

So I decided to make a jacket I have look a bit like Karen's jacket that her designer friend Christian Joy made.

In case you haven't seen it ...

Now I used a really cool polyester fabric kind of like a disco sequin. I made a rough template and then cut out my design. I didn't want to wreck my jacket so I used sticky dot velcro to put it on the back. I didn't have enough sticky dots to do the front, but hopefully I'll get away with it.

I'll post some photo's later of the whole get up and more awesomeness from the party

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