Monday, July 18, 2011

Ready ... Steady ... Rockwiz


Seriously, when Sharon's invitations turned up I was so excited! I love trivia games, I love costume parties and I love music. I also am a big fan of a birthday!

The games were so much fun and everyone put a fair amount of effort into their costumes.
I went as Karen O (rock goddess) and Pete channeled his 90's self. Amongst the guests were - Divo, Freddy Mercury, Cat Stevens, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, John Williamson, Bob Dylan, Slash, Adam Ant, Radiohead, Bon Scot and heaps more!

Apologies for the quality of photos but I only had my phone with me.

As I mentioned in the earlier post, this party was inspired by two of Australia's favourite musical trivia shows Rockwiz and Spick and Specks. Sharon titled it Shazwiz and Specks.

As soon as we turned up I knew it was going to be awesome. Chris and Sharon had hired equipment and set up the back yard and house so well. The deck was transformed with black curtains into a stage with a 3 piece 'Shazwiz Orchestra', lighting, player consoles and buzzers.


The lighting was spread through the yard and all the tables were the hard cases that music and av equipment are packed into.


We each received an envelope when we arrived and as the games began we found out that each envelope held a coloured card and each colour was to be a team. We were introduced to the rules by Chris (as Brian) and Jake (as Julia) was introduced.

(Chris also doubled as Dugald the human scoreboard later on).

Each team had a game card with a run down of the games to be played and we filled them out with our names. Each team had a person play each round while Sharon the birthday girl played every round.

There were four rounds and each round was themed with an era. There was a break between each round and food was provided. Again each food break was also themed to the corresponding era. Amazing.

60's & 70's - 'Kitchen Kitsch'
80's - 'Cafeteria Quality'
90's - 'Pretentious Provisions'


Kitty Boo Boo said...

Oh! I forgot to mention, my team won (even though we weren't doing so well the first two rounds) and I must quietly add that in round 3 I was on fire in the Furious Five. Nailed it. Brought us home in the stretch!

Hot Fudge said...

Well done Katie - looks like a blast. And I love the retro food!

While we were down in Melbourne recently, our daughter and son-in-law found themselves in St Kilda on the day of recording RocKwiz. They were told icily that ticket had sold out 6 months ago, but a shifty character in the pub bar whispered that he was the doorman, and he snuck them in. They're still raving about it.