Friday, September 24, 2010

Tutorial - Super Easy Stockings - Ribbon or Ric Rac

Super Easy Stockings – Ribbon or Ric Rac


To make one stocking:

·         40cm of outer fabric
·         40cm lining fabric (optional)
·         25cm fabric for cuff
·         Thread
·         Scissors
·         Decorative button
·         15cm of ribbon for hanging
·         40cm each of 4 to 8 coordinating ribbons or Ric Rac
·         Coordinating thread for topstitching


Cutting the fabric
Cut out or trace the stocking template.
Tape the body and foot templates together.
Cut two cuff pieces from the cuff fabric and two stocking pieces from the stocking fabric.


Decorating the stocking
Place ribbons/ric rac on outside of one stocking piece and pin in place when you are happy. Stitch down with coordinating thread. If your machine has decorative stitches these may look great on the ribbons
If you want to decorate the cuff with an appliqué now is the time to do it


Stitching the stocking together
Place one of the cuff pieces to one of the stocking pieces right sides together, pin and stitch together. Repeat with the other cuff and stocking with the stocking facing the opposite direction.
Place these pieces right sides together and sew with a 1cm seam allowance around the outside edge of the stocking and cuff.
Use your pinking shears to cut around the entire edge of the stocking and cuff. Make sure you cut close to the edge so you don't cut the seam.
Fold over a hem at the top of the cuff and stitch. Now fold the cuff over the stocking at the seam.

Attaching the ribbon hanging loop
Taking a piece of ribbon form a loop and stitch to the outer edge of the stocking at the seam that is in line with the heel of the stocking.
Stitch a decorative button on the ribbon and you are finished

Thanks for looking at my tutorial. Please remember that all images and words are mine and copyrighted. Please feel free to share this tutorial or post it on your blog but kindly link it back here or credit me and I'll be most appreciative.

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