Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tutorial - Felt Christmas Tree Bunting

Christmas Tree Bunting


·         Felt in various shades of green  - (I made 14 for Merry Christmas) – amount will vary on the size of your tree and how many you want to make
·         Heavy weight fusible interfacing – same amount as felt
·         Ribbon – approximately 2.5 - 3mtrs long
·         Buttons or alphabet tags
·         Scissors
·         Pinking Shears
·         Christmas Tree template - at end of this tutorial


Cutting the trees

Following manufacturer’s instructions iron the interfacing onto the reverse side of the felt.
Using the template cut out the Christmas trees. I spaced mine out to fit 3 on a piece of felt. (see the picture below)
Using the pinking shears cut the bottom of all the branches except for the very top branch


Stringing the bunting
Work out the length of your ribbon and determine the spacing of your trees. Using the buttons, alphabet tags or beads stitch the trees onto the ribbon.


Hang your bunting over a doorway or window or wall

Thanks for looking! Feel free to share my bunting but please remember all images and words are copyrighted. Please link back here if you wish to post this on your blog or share with others :)


Unknown said...

These are cute trees! and the mix of colours, this will look good in my dinning room...above the fireplace.Kc

make handmade said...

So cute! thanks for sharing