Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tutorial - Fabric Gift Tags

Fabric Gift Tags

·         Fabric - each strip is 14cm x 11cm
·         Heavy weight fusible interfacing
·         Thread
·         Rotary cutter or scissors
·         Large eyelets
·         Calico and stamps for the inner tag
·         Ribbon

Using the template cut strips of fabric 14cm x 11cm. You can vary the measurements to suit you.
Using the smaller template cut the interfacing. You’ll need the interfacing narrower and shorter than the size of the fabric strip.  You’ll need one piece of interfacing for each strip of fabric you cut

Sewing the tags
Take a fabric piece and lay the interfacing onto it in the centre. Iron it together. Place another piece over the top of that with wrong sides together. Sew along the edge using a 1.5cm (1/2”) seam allowance. I have used a decorative stitch around the edge of my tags.

Inner tag
Stamp the calico or just keep calico plain. Cut around the border with the pinking shears. Stitch the tag down on the topside of the tag. I used a decorative stitch here as well but a straight stitch is fine. You can also hand stitch it if you like.

Using the template as a guide mark the spot where you want to eyelet to go. Following the manufacturer’s instructions insert eyelets to the tags.

1. Cut a piece of ribbon about 30cm long.
2. Fold in half and thread the ends through the eyelet.
3. Double them back and pull them through the loop of ribbon at the other end.
4. Pull gently until it is looped over the end of the tag.

Write on them and attach them to your handmade gifts! 


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Please feel free to post this on your blog or facebook but please revert credit back to me. The idea is obviously not original but the words and images are copyrighted. Thanks xoxo


Rebecca said...

wow, gorgeous! I am definately going to do this! thank you x

Zafran ali said...

Wow!those are beautiful!I love it.
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Kate said...

These are lovely - thanks for sharing.