Thursday, September 23, 2010

Silver Linings, Clouds and School Holidays

Today Erin and I made her first softie. She drew the design herself and we stitched and stuffed it up today.

We traced her drawing so we could use it as a pattern template and cut each of the three pieces out of the fabric she chose from the 'shop' downstairs in my sewing room.

We added the seam allowance and made the sun rays first. 

We clipped the corners so they would fold in neatly and attached it to the sun. 

Then we lightly padded the sun. After applying a basting stitch to keep the stuffing in we attached it to the cloud body.

We clipped all the corners and curves and left a little opening to stuff it. Then we hand stitched the opening closed.

Now Erin is designing her next softie and can't wait to show her Dad when he gets home from work today.


Cute as Buttons said...

Good on you, Erin and Katie! Lisa. x

REread said...

that's sweet ... another maker of craft (and mess!) in the house

Hot Fudge said...

Could Erin be our youngest BrisStyler some time soon? What a star!