Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday Blues ...

I've been feeling very nostalgic lately, that yearning for what was rather than living what is.

When the cuddles and kisses of my children are just sweet butterflies now they are asleep and I am here on my own ... my man is asleep and I am reminded in my solitary state (tinted with blue) of a time when I was alone ... or at least not living with my love.

image: we heart it

A time of flatmates who may have been relative strangers that fast become family, laundromats and rusted clapped out cars, a time of freezing winters watching fuzzy tv's huddled under blankets and summers spent on the lawn at night drinking wine straight out of the bottle.

image: we heart it

A time of music festivals and beer, small rooms in overcrowded houses, when walking was how you got places not exercise. A time of experimentation and no curfews ...

image: we heart it

A time when nights were bright and days were for sleeping, a job was what you had to do to pay for stuff, a time when making friends with strangers was easy, a time of finding strangers sleeping on your lounge room floor when you wake up in the morning.

 images: we heart it

A time when the most money you ever had on you was on it's way to someone else for rent or bills, food was frugally and sometimes fungally found in the fridge, and if you were really hungry you went and visited mum. A time when craft wasn't a hobby it was a legitimate gift and op shopping wasn't just  cool, it was necessary.

I loved those days of cheese, bread and chateau de cardboard ... and I'm glad I can visit in memories

but I wouldn't want to give up this

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Torie Jayne said...

What a lovely post, you have made me all nostalgic, Have a sweet day!

shelleyberelli said...



REread said...

ah yes, memories of the goon bag and the late nights sitting around a fire inside a washing machine tub (the fire not the people!) in the middle of the share house lawn ... heady day! Lovely post :)

moose and bird said...

Great post.....the memories! x

Cute as Buttons said...

Ahh. I remember them well. What a beautiful piece of writing. Thanks for the little trip down memory lane. Lisa x

Pervaiz said...

Thanks for sharing it.