Monday, July 26, 2010

My little heart

The last week has been a bit full on.

My little man had an appointment with a surgeon for the removal of his adenoids and tonsils, also known as an Adenotonsillectomy.

Apparently this is quite a simple procedure with most worries concerning the anesthetic or bleeding or post op infections.
I was a bit freaked about the anesthetic as I have had some bad experiences with one kind but even though he took a little longer than they thought to regain consciousness, he seemed okay when he came up to the ward. (They don't let you hang out down in Recovery).

He was talkative and devoured an ice-block (poor kid hadn't eaten in 12 hours) but then his blood pressure dropped and there was a mini scramble of nurses. He came around again in about 10 mins.

With a tonsillectomy the pain increases as you heal. Apparently at it's worst on days 3-5. After day 5 you need to watch for signs of bleeding as the (gross) scabs start to come away. This is why eating as many regular foods as possible is good as it helps minimise the build up of the scab. UGH.

Unfortunately for us that night after the operation my little heart developed a fever. It was regulated after a while but it also meant we couldn't go home. Home = eating, drinking and no fevers for 24hrs. The next day he spiked again so I knew I'd be in for another night. That night he reached 40 degrees (C) for the third time. He was now on antibiotics but they didn't seem to be doing much so tests were ordered. His temp was maintained at 38 degrees (C) for 2 days.

Blood tests, urine tests, chest x-rays, and a possible nasal aspirate were ordered. The head paediatrician dropped by and determined it must be a post op infection. The main pain and fever relief at the RCH is Panamax. A concentrated version of Panadol. My kids loathe it. They spit it out. We usually use nurofen but can't for this adenotonsillectomy because it's aspirin based and this thins the blood and if he bleeds we could be in trouble. Panadol has a contract with the RCH so that is all they have. Try giving it to a kid who hates it every 4 hours when he has trouble swallowing, has a fever of 40 (delirious) and it's the middle of the night after you wake him. Hmmmm

On day 2 I bought a frozen dinner as parents aren't fed in hospital. I left it in the fridge in the ward kitchen and someone else ate it. (dark clouds)

On day 3 after 6 hours sleep total for the last 3 days and sleeping on a recliner (not enough room for trundle/cot beds) I was done in. Pete stayed that night while I went home and had a shower and slept - after getting my other little heart from school and getting her dinner.

Luckily that night he took all his meds, kept his temp down and the next day I brought him back home.

He seems to have some fond memories of the hospital. 

I don't.

The nurses on the ward were terrific. One in particular was my angel. She was about my age and kind of used me as a resource. She listened and my little heart did whatever she asked. There was another nurse there who just kept taking things away from him to get him to take his medicine. I tried to explain it wouldn't work - but what did I know.

The RCH is a great hospital ... if you like hospitals.

I don't.

Now I need to prepare for three markets this weekend so excuse me while I go freak out.


edward and lilly said...

What an ordeal for you! Hope the recovery is quick. Look forward to catching up on Friday night xxx

Cloud said...

Katie, you never cease to amaze me with your determination, resourcefulness and perseverance in the face of adversity. You will have a ripper of a weekend at your markets - the universe owes you some good stuff after 3 nights in hospital.

So good that your little heart is now home again and doing well.

You are awesome!

Hot Fudge said...

Oh Katie you poor thing. I am just so grateful that when one of our daughters had the same procedure over 30 years ago all went well - apart from me freaking out when she threw up some blood (Im a bloodophobic).

Take a deep breath and you'll get through all the market preparations. After all, look what you've survived over the past week!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I'm so glad that he's home now and healing well! Hospitals can be awful places, sometimes worse for the family than the patients themselves. So glad you had a lovely nurse, the good ones are just such angels!

Erica Louise said...

Hugs for you and your little man, I know how horrific hospital traumas can be. Glad to hear a happy ending x

Pervaiz said...

I love this post.