Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Meatloaf ... blech? Not in my house!

I am always surprised that although I can't get Sam to eat regular food he'll eat random "grown up" food like it was his last meal.
I have been blessed with a little girl who will eat whatever gets put in front of her ... even if it does take her 40 mins!
However the flipside is I have a little boy who wont eat much at all.
But they eat the meatloaf!
When I was a kid I wasn't a big fan o' meatloaf. It usually didn't have a lot of flavour to my opinion and was always just a wee bit dry.
Now this was not my mothers fault (I don't think) as much as the recipe. At least I hope my mother didn't deliberately make dry, grey meatloaf to appease some social norm.
So I avoided meatloaf like it was .... well Meatloaf.
Until I tasted Pete's Grandma's meatloaf. Oh dear. I am a reformed mince meatloaf eater.
It inspired me to make my own and here are some pics of the deliciousness which was for din din!

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