Sunday, September 14, 2008

Davies Park Community Garden

I love community gardens and I love taking the kids to them. Since we moved from Stafford and I had to leave my beloved Vegie Patch behind (the new house has too many trees in the backyard and not enough sunlight) I like to show the kids these kind of places.

My grandparents use to grow all their own vegetables and my sister and her family have an amazing vegie garden so alas I will get my joy from the humble yet always beautiful community patch.

We had spent the day at Greazefest and walking back to the car I spotted the little garden on the side of the road and the kids were so eager to jump on into it.

We stayed for about half an hour. The kids just running up and down the paths and stopping to play with bugs and flowers at every turn - just like I use to at Grandma's when I was a kid.

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