Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm going to Grandma's

Tonight Erin is sleeping over at Grandma's because it's the school holidays and as Erin said "we just want to have our girl time ok?"
How can you resist.
So after work I dropped Erin over and we stayed for yet another delicious Grandma Gloria dinner. We had chilli hamburgers on wholemeal buns (reallllly good buns) and yummy salad and cheese.
Mr Fussy decided he didn't want that and Grandma catered to his whims and made him a "peanut butter and bam" sandwich.
After a few mouthfuls he decided this was not so good either and I asked Grandma not to feed him anything else. If Sam doesn't want his dinner he doesn't get any. If he's hungry he will eat it.
(Am I mean? I don't think so ... but some may)
We had a great time and caught up with Uncle Mark after his last adventure to Vegas. Thank goodness he arrived back in one piece - although he probably still isn't feeling too whole and recovered yet!
Although we had been talking about the sleepover for days I don't think Sam really understood because as soon as he was strapped into his car seat and he saw Erin still outside he cracked up!
The poor boy was screaming her name and crying ... it only lasted for less than 2 mins but my heart went out to him
He was only soothed because I reminded him that as I was working on Thursday night he got to have Grandpa all to himself.
With Pete in Melbourne since last Friday the kids have been missing him (only marginally more than me - I must admit I have enjoyed having the evenings all to myself to make and bake and phiff around!) so I dare say ol' Sammy-o will miss Erin greatly.
Well ... it is quiet around here but she'll be home soon enough and then it'll be back to dinner battles (she takes 40 mins to eat because the dear child can't seem to stop TALKING whenever and I mean whenever there is food put in front of her!
I do love the poppets!

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