Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Erin's Birthday ...

My eldest baby is now 6.

We had a family dinner at home and then a party for her to celebrate with her friends.

She wanted to have a fairy party but we talked about how we had already been to 3 and we might do something different.

She decided a Mermaid Party would be fun but when I pointed out that half her friends were boys she conceded and we decided upon a "Under the Sea" theme.

The girls would be mermaids and the boys would be pirates.

I made the kids some basic and very simple costumes and with a bit of facepaint everyone was having fun!

We decorated the pergola as a mermaid cove and the cubby house became a pirate ship.

We played pass the parcel inside away from the wind and then we went on a treasure hunt to find the treasure chest - which was the pinata that we had to get Pete, Erin's Dad to bust!

The kids had been busy decorating brown paper bags inside while I was doing the face painting and we used these later as their loot bags.

The cake was delicious and we had a great time playing with our friends and pretending we were mighty scary pirates and beautiful mermaids.

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