Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My New Baby ...

This is our new baby. She needs a bit of love and a bit of work but when she's done she's going to be beautiful.

Pete and I found her and rescued her as soon as we could.

She's a 1964 Holden EH. She's running a 179ltr with a 5 speed toyoto on the floor. There's about 80 000 on the recon engine and with some work on the body (rust) and the interior (door trims and front seat) she'll be ready for a new colour (I'm happy with this one but hey!) and of course some flames ... hehehe ... she's beautiful and purrs and I love her.

I have secretly named her Betty Blue or Beebee ... but don't tell Pete. He can't think of a name and a gal like this needs a name.

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Tay said...

Oh.my.goodness. your new car is divine! thanks for the link on your blog, by the way...I had 123 hits from you!