Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I love to find stuff ...

So I had a birthday last week and although Pete was away in Perth and I had to work that night so I couldn't catch up with my girls - I had a great day. I spent the morning wandering through op shops and then over to Chermside Westfield.

I love having a birthday at this time of yr. Most everyone who knows me knows that unless they have something specific in mind for me a voucher is gold because of the stocktake sales!

I found a fantastic saucepan, a gorgeous hat, and a few other bibs and bobs that I Adooorrrrrree (little hearts everywhere).

I also got a cool card from Kimothy (my bestie in the UK)

Pete and the kids got me a *magical* button/badge maker so Erin and I will be busy making some coolio pins to wear and sell at the markets!

I have the beautiful Betty Blue (see previous blog), I have a handful of quirky gifts I love and some pretty fabulous ppl in my world.

Life is looking pretty golden.

The only thing I could use to make it even better is some more time to actually get creative!
My head is bursting with ideas and my fingers twitch to get them made but time is scarce here and I have about 1 day a week to actually do anything for myself because of work and family commitments. ;( Sad face. I'm actually turning down jobs ---- arrggghhhh

Oh well ... maybe if the markets kick off and I can get back on ebay and etsy I can do less hours at work and work more from home.


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Kimboz said...

FABULOUS hat!! I'm so stealing in when I'm over at your place next...