Thursday, June 9, 2011

Retro moments

Another blast from the past :)

20 Feb 2008

That’s my boy!

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So ... I'm at home, it's about 5pm, and to anyone who has kids you know this time of day is sketchy at it's best - kids are hungry, kids are dirty, kids are cranky, mum is cranky, blah blah blah, usually my place is it's noisiest at this time of day.

Anyway I get home and start getting dinner ready and suddenly I realise I can't hear Sam - sdthis means one of two things usually and both are trouble - last time he was under Erin's bed eating paper and drawing on himself with textas.

So I quickly step into the loungeroom and there he is ... stock still on his bum hands by his side face angled up at the tv watching :
Jackie Chan

Awesome. The only thing I've ever seen him remotely interested in on the telly is Humphrey and Spongebob ...

That's my boy!

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