Monday, October 5, 2009

Win some clips for your comment ...

After a hectic week of madly running around town tracking down my much needed fabric I finally located some and after dragging it all home I managed to outdo my record and waved my magic wand and made 45 dresses and skirts in 3 days. My machines are now in need of servicing!

The dresses have been gaining some interest and although I have been making and wearing them for 7 years it seems they have finally found a little piece of limelight.

On Sunday Pete helped me to run the stall and I am so glad he was there because we were on a corner (yay) but I needed to do a bit of rearranging to accomodate that but it was great. Then after we finished setting up it seemed our neighbours had decided not to show up. The events manager asked us if we would be able to spread out and fill the space which we managed to do quite easily (didn't realise I had so much stuff!)

We had a fun hectic crazy day ... even though one lady tried to bargain down a $95 silk dress, with hand embroidered flowers and beading to $30 which I had to refuse ... she seemed a little cross.

Most people seem to understand that the Young Designer Markets are about Independent QLD Designers, who (mostly) have not mass produced cheap articles.

I hand make with care and a bit of love everything I take with me. I source the fabrics or parts, I create and design the patterns or clips, I cut, pin and sew everything.

My prices are relative and fair, they are in fact quite cheap because I don't have the overheads associated with a store, but I cannot sell a dress for less than the fabric cost.

Let me know what you think and you could win these ...


Julia { a creature strange } said...

Nice work with the market and good on you for sticking to your guns and not underselling your goods (or yourself and hard work for that matter!) to crazy cross women :) People have to realise that handmade goods may cost a little more, but are worth the cost.

mimoo said...

good lord Katie, how outrageous is that!! I can understand people asking for a discount if they buy multiple items but even then it can only be a couple of dollars at best but expecting what is 75% off , that is just crazy. You dresses are gorgeous and would sell for double that is a retail store. oh you just have to laugh dont you? as I am sure the good outweighs the bad?? :-))
ps was wondering if Pete had caught the market bug?? it seems I was right!!! ha

Little Mary Moo said...

I loved all the photos with this post. I'm glad you both had a hectic but fun day.

I never quite get the whole bargain down concept. A price is a price even if it is at a market. You either want to pay that price or you leave it. Very strange and very rude. Good on you for refusing.

Micky - Handmade Expo said...

What is that about... this happened to Mum (aka Bubba Chenille) at the Street Party with a heat pack. He said "I'll give you $10" (even though they were $13) and Mum said "you can have that one at a special price of $16.

People have such a nerve don't they, if they want trash and treasure they should head to the showgrounds... LOL

Good on you for sticking to your guns..

By the way, I am loving my little pink and black hairclips too... I wear them EVEYRWHERE, I will be due for a new pair soon... LOL (hint, hint, wink, wink).


Anonymous said...

i'm loving the dresses! i can't believe you made 45 in 3 days! don't you sleep anymore katie???

also those clips are super cute, some of my favourite ones that i've seen so far.

Jetta's Nest said...

What do I think??

I think you need to keep doing what you're doing cos you're ACE! Some people just have no idea.

I love your dresses....wish I had the figure to swan around in one!!

Oh and just between you and me, I simply must win the birdy know I love them.


Hot Fudge said...

Sorry - I had to go back to make sure I read your post correctly. 45 dresses and skirts in three days. Yep - that's what you wrote. Want to come and play at my place? Oh, and good on you for sticking to your guns. Some people make you want to shake them, don't they?

edward and lilly said...

Your prices and products are perfect, there's always someone who tries to bargain down a price and I'm sure that person was doing it at other stalls too. Everything looked so great on your stall at the YDM, my sister is a huge fan of your hair clips and kids dresses and we were both blown away by how gorgeous these dresses are.

Naomi said...

Most people I know would happily expect to pay more for lovingly crafted handmade items. Handmade sewing can no longer compete with garments mass produced in Asian countries. Keep up the good work, you must be an amazing seamstress to complete 45 dresses in 3 days. Wow, my hero(ine)!
I love those swallow clips, they are my favourite bird!

kyliept said...

Well I definitely think your prices are fair - handmade items are always made with love, after all! I for one could not create such beautiful pieces myself, so I'd be happy to pay for one of your dresses!


littlechrissy said...

Wow what a mammoth effort with your dress and skirt making! You must have been flying through them at the end.
Regarding prices, yours seem very fair. People who appreciate high quality handmade clothing will happily pay that price because they understand that for their money they are a) buying something unique, b) buying something that has someone's love sewn into it c) supporting a small local emerging designer.
Those that don't get the philosophy behind buying handmade don't deserve to be wearing your lovely clothes. Save them for someone who will appreciate them.
Chris xx

REread said...

OMG I know ... what is with trying to bargain down a handmade product!! some lady came up to my stall and saw that the bags are $30, she just asked staright-up 'can i have a discount' ... I'm like why? weirdo ... i said no and she also seemed cross ... meh, walk it off lady

Jaclyn said...

I can't believe the nerve of some people! You were right to refuse her, I can't believe she couldn't see the value in the dress! I have had the same thing happen to me at the YDM. I haven't seen these beautiful silk dresses before but I will pop along to your next market to check them out, they are gorgeous xo

Rebecca said...

It costs $80 just to get a plain, boring, low quality dress from Target and K-Mart these days - people should certainly not be quibbling about paying $95 for a beautiful unique piece of handmade clothing (or 'wearable art' as I like to think of it).

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