Friday, October 23, 2009

Kitchen Delights and Kitty Brights ...

Yay for summer ... in my house we like to cook light and summer is the season for fish and salad. We can't seem to get enough and it's amazing how the same four basic ingredients can be so wholly changed with a few extra herbs and spices ...

Last night it was a throw together - I had meant to have a Thai Salad but we didn't go shopping so with the fish Pete brought home I julienned some potatoes and after frying them up I doused them with a sprinkle of lime and chilli salt.

The fish was pan fried with more lime and some Ketjap Manis. I used baby roma tomatoes and chunks of coriander in the salad. After sprinkling with ground coriander I mixed up some olive oil, sweet chilli, lemon juice and salt and poured that over.


We had a garage sale last weekend and my neighbour and friend Liz popped over and we were discussing wool. She recently started felting and loves it. I happened to have a few balls of wool that she could no longer get and to show her gratitude she made Erin a felt Kitty like the others she has been making.

The photos really don't do this kitty justice

She makes Babushkas, Retro Kitty Cats and she brought over a bag with a beautiful wrap and hat and some felt slippers she has made.

I'm trying to get her onto Etsy because her stuff is that great

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mimoo said...

I love that cat and great stitching detail! I am so bummed I missed your fabric giveaway this weekend! booo. goodluck this sunday at YDM and see you at the BiDM next month :-)Tina