Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween Creepy Cute Giveaway!

Hidie Hi from some little creepy cute guys ... these boys are buddies which is good because I'm sure Sam will have them having duals and wars ... I love watching the kids play with toys I make and usually they're a bit cute so it's even cooler that both Sam and Erin like these guys too ...

I love the creepy side of my crafting, having been a goth for many years I still have a hankering for black stuff and lace etc every now and then so I love Halloween because it means that side of me can be expressed with free will

I know we don't really celebrate Halloween here in Australia and I know it's actually at the wrong time of year for us too but I do so love it ... the kids and I will dress up and hand out treats and watch The Nightmare Before Christmas (and when they go to bed I'll watch my beloved Donnie Darko)

What are your plans this Halloween?

Leave me a comment, follow my blog and you could win one of these ... but hurry ... giveaway ends on the 26th Oct at 9pm AEST (the clips in the packet are devil horns!)


edward and lilly said...

OMH Katie, they are awesome!!!!! And how cute are the little devil clips. We usually have a Halloween party every year but this year it coincides with finders keepers so no event planning :(
I do think Halloween should make a comeback in Aus, it was huge in our street when we were little.

catss99 said...

these are so cute. I follow the blog so please enter me if you will ship to the us



Am I too late!! its midnight here in the UK, and can't remeber the time zone!
I'll wear these and then may give them to my niece as a surprise!

zofia said...

I know I'm too late but gotta say, those kitty clips are fabulous!
Hope you make more!