Thursday, September 24, 2009

Recovery 1,2,3 ...

Racecourse Rd Street Party was a great day and it was fantastic hanging with Pete all day.
I had a great day catching up with all the BrisStylettes and meeting a handful of new ones who came along.

My in-laws looked after the kids and brought them in for a look-see, they had a great time watching the Erth show and it was cool watching the Dinosaurs walk the streets.

Finally the weather has begun to really warm up and I can break out my dresses again

Now after a solid month of back to back markets every weekend all month it's time to recover and recuperate. Back to making more stock soon!

A lot of time will have to be devoted to cleaning up my sewing room which looks like it's been hit with a bomb. This also means it's a great time to get in there and remove some of the fabric I have stashed.

We'll be having a garage sale soon and I plan on using that time to clear out HEAPS of patterns and fabric and haby items and craft extras


bubbachenille said...

Did I hear you say garage sale of fabric and craft items ? Where did you say you lived ?

Micky - Handmade Expo said...

It was lovely to meet you on the weekend Miss Kitty! Hope to see you again on the Market scene soon.

(aka daughter of Bubba Chenille)

REread said...

your stall looks great ... the next YDM i will be able to come have a look at all the other stalls !!!

mimoo said...

katie did you say another clear out??? mmmn keep us posted.
btw, Pete is did a great job as market helper last sunday too is he addicted yet?