Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another big baby ...

This article was featured on MSN today

Indonesian woman gives birth to 8.7 kilo boy

Image: Getty

In the article they make mention of other large babies born all over the world. The largest recorded baby was born to Anna Bates in Canada in 1879. The baby weighed 23lbs 12oz (10.8kg) and measured 30" (76.2cm) in length.

I thought this was really crazy so I looked it up and what the media hype leaves out is that Anna Bates was a giant. She was about 8 feet tall and worked for PT Barnum until she met Martin Van Buren who himself was no little dude coming in at 7 feet 22". He was also known as the 'Kentucky Giant'.

Anna and Martin Van Buren pictured with a man of average height

These gigantic people would of course have genes that preclude gigantic children. Sadly neither of their children survived (perhaps due to a genetic problem?)

Anyway ....

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