Monday, July 6, 2009

To Market to market, and market ... Oh Yeah

What a cracker of a weekend!

I knew it would be a big day if the last market was anything to go by but I had NO IDEA how overwhelming the response would be.

It seems that Brisbane is REALLY keen to support local independent talent and art.

I was running late and when I set up I hadn't left myself very much time to have a wander around the market and visit many people but luckily I was next to two lovely ladies, Olivia from Scampsville (that's her sister in the pic!) and Sharon from My Girl Designs.

Here's my little corner!

Another favourite of mine is Sam from Jetta's Nest who crazily thought she wouldn't do so well and SOLD OUT! Good going Sam, you're stuff rocks and you should be PROUD! Beautiful stuff as always from Hayley of RE-read and Rebecca's embroidered buttons from Edward and Lily were beautiful. I am in love with Robyn from Hot Fudge's girls dresses. They are outstanding.
I loved seeing Christine's Hats over at Why Not Street and Shelleyberelli's stuff was awesome!

A massive thanks to ALL committee members of BrisStyle who put it all together and made this fabulous market happen!

I could go on all day but if you want to have a look yourself pop over to BrisStyle Blog and check the links down the bottom on the right for each member's blogs.

My little wristcuffs were fairly well received, and so were the skirts ... yay

So after an excellent day I packed all my stuff up and crazily went home to get ready for the Southbank Young Designer Markets.

All in all another fantastic day, it's great to see such a mix of people at a market. Young, kids, parents, the not so young, families ... soccer teams (hey Teneal)

Thanks to everyone who popped in to say Hi, browsed through my stuff, bought something or took a card.

It's really good to get out there and mix it up and meet people who are buying what I make.

Thank you especially to all the people who are coming back to buy more from me. Maybe I should make some loyalty discount cards!


Jetta's Nest said...

Aw shucks :), thanks so much Katie.

My hats off to you though. I don't know how you do as many markets as you do, work, be a mum, make stuff and still manage to are truly super!

See you soon


Oliver Maria said...

So lovely to have a stall next to you at the BiDM Kaite, your stock is killa. I blogged a pic of my new hairclips!

x Olivia aka Scampsville

The Handmade Expo & Handmade Heaven said...

Congrats on such an awesome market. I wish I could have made it to the Brisstyle market as I am a massive fan and supporter, I did however manage to make it to Southbank and loved it...

REread said...

it was crazy busy ! thanks for the mention and sorry i never got back on Sunday to buy a cuff! got busy and then got packed up ...

bubbachenille said...

Congrats to you on two great days !
The Brisstyle market was awesome for me too!

Trish Goodfield said...

Wow, you're stall looked great, never got over to have a look. Crowds were awesome.

Anonymous said...

It was such an awesome day at Saturday's BiDM. I'm so glad you managed to get some good pics of your stall. My photo of your stall was completely out of focus Eek!

I have featured your pretty pink and green tweety hair clips on my blog :)

Stacey said...

Congratulations on such a great response. YOu must be so pleased, but exhausted!