Friday, July 3, 2009

It's Tomorrow! Are YOU ready? ....

Wow ... three weeks just flies when you have a tight schedule doesn't it!

I'm not going to write too much because I need to finish off all the little bits and pieces today and pack before heading to the bank for change for the markets and then a welcome home dinner for my brother in law (he's been in Europe the last 8 wks).

Last night I finished all actual sewing and was heading off for an early night (11.30pm) when the sounds of a small child vomiting invaded my thoughts of pleasant sleep. After changing sheets (3 times) and pyjamas (also 3 times) and washing a small shaky boy (also 3 times) we finally all managed to get some sleep at about 2am.

Poor kid

And of course he's right as rain now but I'm a shaky tired mess with heaps to do!

My dearest and I also had a few parties to go to last week, one of them was a friend of mine's engagement party and it had an Undead theme so we decided to make our own costumes and go as Jack and Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas! Awesome - here we are

I've been working like a freak in my sewing room ... trying to get stock levels up because I will be at 2 markets this weekend and with Pete being away I need to be more organised than ever!


Sat 4th July
9am - 2pm
St Augustine's Church Hall
Racecourse Rd, Hamilton

SOUTHBANK Young Designers Market

Sun 5th July
10am - 4pm
Little Stanley St
South Brisbane

Here's what I have been up to ...

Wrist cuffs for grown ups, girls and BOYS! Yes, finally some stuff done for the boys, I knew I would get around to it at some stage! (Now I just have to finish those tops and tees!)

More swing and maternity skirts! (16 new to be exact!)

Hair clips (another 50 pairs!)and some hair ties

More Booties

Some buttons

And a bit more stuff I have no photos of yet!


PS It's my birthday next Friday so watch here for a few freebies starting Monday


bubbachenille said...

Those booties look great, as does everything, ( could I have a pair in size 7 ladies please? )

Peta said...

the sally and jack costumes look amazing!

amy said...

those costumes are so cool! did you make them yourself or hire them? the bow tie is especially awesome. good luck at the markets! (those buttons look delightful) i will see you at both :)

Little Mary Moo said...

Wow, how busy have you been. I hope you and your little one are back on your feet now. Best of luck with both of your markets this weekend. I love those costumes by the way - just fantastic.

Sandrine said...

HOpe you had great markets, I was locked in my stall and just saw you as I lef Saturday, I think I ended up missing out on a lot;(

Sally said...

those are the best costumes ever!