Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Meet Me at Mike's ...

Last week my DH was away in Melbourne for work. Because of the work he does, he had a day or two free to wander around. He usually does some shopping for the kids at the Vic Markets, or picks me up an excellent Waterhouse or Dali print. ( Love a good print!) And after seeing the originals of Dali's in 1993 and Waterhouse in 2002 (Love and Death: Art in the Age of Victoria) oh my, oh my ... there are no words


This time when he asked me if there was anything special I wanted from Melbourne I said
"Sure is!". 
Meet Me at Mike's the book, by Pip Lincolne hadn't really made it into the bookshops nearby then and I really REALLY wanted to get a copy so I gave the poor man a map and a mission!

He's the first one to tell me I have an overload of crafting materials but he seemed to be more than happy to take trek to get the book.

I sent a message to Pip on Facey letting her know that DH was coming in and to keep an eye out for him! After he walked about 8 k in the wrong direction (yes, he forgot the map!) He managed eventually to find Meet Me at Mike's on Brunswick St.

Cam offered to get Pip to sign the book so Pip was dragged out of her kitchen and obligingly gave me a Hurrah on the front page.

An excellent treat all around, I do love my DH. He's excellent.


REread said...

cool your hubby sounds like a right doll ... what a nice guy :)

clare's craftroom said...

Yes what a good man and a good book too !

Hot Fudge said...

What a wonderful man you have. At least he got in his exercise for the day!