Thursday, April 30, 2009

Brown Owls Meet, Crochet to Hoot at, a loom and a lass

Last Sunday I made it to my first Brown Owls meet.

Em volunteered to teach us all to crochet a granny. I arrived a bit late and missed the very beginning, so I was in the remedial group!

At first my tension was so tight I couldn't do the next stitch! After undoing it I made an excellent circle. After undoing that I made a pretty good first round, I got stuck a bit on round two and eventually got there ...

I took it home and finished the square! Yay, now I can granny too!

Erin was inspired so I pulled out a foam loom and she made some squares to join up for a baby blanket for her dolls.

Hoot of a time, loved meeting new people and sharing the love of the adventure of craft... but most awesome was the fact that my learning a new craft inspired my little one.


Anonymous said...

i love making granny squares. i learnt when i was about 7 from my mum :D

thats great you've inspired your little girl. i love her choice in yarn :D

edward and lilly said...

She is so sweet with her little loom!

Helen said...

yay! great to hear it worked well

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Was great meeting you that day and Yah! that we both managed a square.