Friday, August 1, 2008

Tea and Crafty too? This I have to see ....

I like to drive and I like to explore and find things. One of the best things to put a cranky kid in a good mood is to go for a wee drive to get the little tike of to sleep and then a snack when the aforesaid tike awakes!

Last week Sammy and I went on a 'soothe the angry beast' drive and wound up in Samford. A small semi-rural town a few kms away from where I live but a good half hour from the city.
We came across a sweet place called lifestyle where the establishment consisted of a Homeopathic treatment clinic/Nursery/Cafe and Gift Stores.
We had tea and banana cake (well I had the tea and Sam had the banana cake!) They didn't have my favourite (Irish Breakfast) but I settled for Russian Caravan and then we set off to see what we could see ... here's a peek-a-boo for you -

PS I love the fact that I once again found my owl and pussy cat (minus the pea green boat - unless of course you wait for the copper to oxidise!)

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