Saturday, August 2, 2008

Walking in Winter ...

I have mild debates with myself every season as to whether it's my favourite or not. I guess I'm just lucky to have the option of all four (although lately here in Brisbane it's usually hot or cold with some lovely bare trees or some lovely flowers!)

Going for a walk recently starting in my back yard and not wandering more than a few blocks has left these golden images on my mind ... yes I do love winter here ...

I love the contrast of green and grey. The mud and smiles on my kids (though I'm not so happy about it on anything else :P) especially not my clean washing!

I love the birds at dusk and the quiet solitude that summer never owns

It's almost as though you have to save your good cheer and happiness for the sunshine.

I love the fact that the kids come in at dusk and play together downstairs.

I love the feeling of coming inside to the warmth and coziness after the chill of taking out the rubbish.

I love the rustle of wind in the trees outside the kitchen window when I'm making tea.

I love the rainbows of clothing people wear to cheer up the grey everywhere else.

I love the fact you can have the hottest shower in the world.

I love smelling the stews and other warm dinners people in my street bake.

Yep, I love winter here

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Moth said...

Mmm, that does sound cosy. Make me some stew while I snuggle up in one of those fuzzy blankies with a good book...