Monday, November 21, 2011

Calling Owl Lovers everywhere ...

Owl Lover 2012 Calendar
Click Here to Download your own Owl Lover Calendar 2012

Shivani is the author of the blog My Owl Barn.

Owl Lover 2012 calendar project is the encore of our last year's "Owl Lover" calendar project - a collaborative project between My Owl Barn and 30 international artists.

Again, "My Owl Barn", and this time 45 artists (likes of Suzy Ultman, Jo James, Juliette Crane and Night Owl Paper Goods) from all over the world are proud to present you our "Owl Lover 2012 calendar".

Like before, you can select the images you love the most and create your own free calendar or you can simply download the pre-made version.


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