Monday, August 10, 2009

First Projects ... Crazy Patchwork Quilt

Okay ... so I had been sewing for a few years but I had only made a handful of kooky clothes for myself ...

* like the electric blue velvet tutu skirt attached to a black and silver corset
* or the big sunhat I made covered in black lace and ribbon (it's a goth thing)
* the spiderweb leggings
* the purple satin swing dress

etc etc,
I think you get the picture.
Never with a pattern and always sewn by hand.

So after I bought my first machine I use to make bags. They were pretty popular with my family (you have to love your biggest fans!) and I think my sisters and mum still tote some of these around! Then I found it easier to make clothes but I missed the hand sewing so explored embroidery for a while.

First Quilt Project 2002

When I was due with Erin I decided to make a quilt. It's not very attractive but it was the first project I explored out of my depth. It was a crazy patch quilt.

I used only recycled fabrics and made the patches from old garments and linen from my childhood.

Some of the pieces are maternity clothes of my mums and some maternity clothes of mine. The backing is an old cot sheet of mine and the buttons are all vintage. The threads were also the legacy of one of Pete's great Aunts.

I was very proud of it but then it was washed in the WASHING MACHINE by a 'helpful' person and it shrunk in all the wrong places. Sad but I still have a soft spot in my heart for this little number ...

There are nine crazy patches. Each made with the same fabrics but embellished with different coloured trims and stitches. Blue, Black, Red, Green, White, Yellow, Brown, Purple and Pink.

What was your first adventurous project?


Melanie said...

I think your quilt is fantastic and would be embarrassed to show my first attempt. I do wish I still had it though. I was 9 and just learned to sew. My mum gave me all of her scraps so it was a mess of not very square patches with bright red backing. I had it for about 15 years but one of my dogs finally chewed it to bits. It would have been very very old if I still had it. I never did another quilt and keep meaning to make one as a grown up. Maybe one day:)

Jetta's Nest said...

Great quilt! I'd love to make a quilt's on the 'to do' list.

My first adventurous sewing project was a pair of pants for my biggest boy that had not only a zip fly but also belt loops and a ridiculous pile of topstitching. Having only sewn elastic waisted shorts before this was pretty full on but I pulled it of OK...they were wearable :)

Hot Fudge said...

I take my hat off to you. This is a beautiful quilt and one full of memories for you. My first quilt (made back in the Eighties) I gave to our elder daughter and she lives in Sydney, so thank goodness it's too far away to bring back unpleasant memories ... until now, that is!