Monday, August 24, 2009

Do you own 'Machinery' or 'Kitty Boo Boo' items??

Do you own a Machinery or Kitty Boo Boo garment?

Over the years, I have made at least 1500 items bearing the Machinery or Kitty Boo Boo label, but where are they?

If you own either a custom made or store bought Machinery or Kitty Boo Boo garment, accessory or hair clip I want a photo of you!

It would be appreciated if you could tell me whether the photo can be uploaded onto photo sharing sites such as my Flickr page and here on the blog etc or if you prefer that I keep the photo private.

All photos uploaded will only have your first name or your online avatar name if you prefer.

So please pull out those shirts, skirts and dresses, capes, hair clips etc and use this call out as an opportunity to dress up and take some nice photos of yourself if you don't already have any.

Note: your privacy is important to me and I will not share your email or postal address (for the free gift) with anybody.

Send your photos to:


Jetta's Nest said...

Oooh yes!!! I'll take some photos of my ever growing (and needing more) collection of glorious hair clips and my newly cut hair!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello miss! I bought your adorable owl hair clips from the 4zzz markets in August.

Now, I do not yet have a photo of me wearing them (I will get on it as soon as I can), but there is a quick little photo of them on my blog with a link to your blog here. :)