Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Out of the Loop ... In with the Giveaways

After spending a few days sorting my sewing room I have decided to finish ALL the unfinished projects and miscellanea floating around so I ---
  • a) Have some more stock to sell out
  • b) can see my floor again as it is covered in green bags full of unfinished projects
  • c) have peace of mind when I cut my fabulous new stuff simmering in my head!
After finding 8 (sheesh) yep, 8 girls dresses, 2 hoodies, 3 wrap skirts, 3 derby skirts, 1 medieval top, 1 baby sleeper bag, 4 aprons, 2 halter dresses and much more left to sew together and making great headway last night --- I CUT THEM ALL LAST YEAR BEFORE WINTER --- I am compelled to finish them, and even a little ashamed that it's taken so long.

So I wont be here for a while, at least a week, so I draw your attention to the giveaways of

Kitty Boo Boo

Betsy Kingston

on this months BrisStyle Blog.


Get yourself some fabulous freebies simply by leaving a comment, and 2 x the entries if you repost on your blog!

Now giddy up over there and grab a freebie or two!


Little Diva said...

and I thought I had lots of unfinished projects.... Well done for getting back to them !!


Mmmmmm, which reminds me I have on my drawing table 20 odd egg cosies, 3 baby dresses, 1 cushion and 2 bags half finished! I'm glad there are others out there.

Bec said...

Wow, that's a lot of unfinished projects!!! It will feel SO satisfying crossing each one off the list I bet. Good luck :D

bubbachenille said...

Oh we have a lot in common !