Sunday, May 31, 2009

3 oh it's a magic number

Friday was my little man's 3rd Birthday.

He is totally enamoured with yellow at the moment ... so yellow it was!

We woke up and opened presents (yellow monster trucks, books and dvd's)
Went to McDonald's for breakfast (Yellow arches)
Came home and baked a cake

I asked Lauren from Raspberry Pink to make me some monkeys for to put on the cake - they are AMAZING

Watched our new birthday dvd's (Hairy McLairy - yellow case of course!)
Ate dinner with our family and then CAKE! (Big Yellow Cake!)

The next day we went to the Pine Hills Festival and celebrated with more family and friends there.

I made him his own special birthday T

We saw Dora the Explorer and Boots, we ate lots of carnival food, went on rides and shopped at the markets.
It was a great Birthday!


Lauren said...

Happy Birthday to Sam for Friday :)

Lauranie said...

What an AWESOME birthday!! I just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog! This giveaway has been a whirlwind and I hope to come back and visit again soon!

REread said...

OMG you're such a cool mum ... i love the cake it's so womans weekly birthday cakes !! i would pour over that book when i was little and I even bookmarked the ones wanted for my birthday !!