Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My hands are itchin' to be stitchin' ...

I have once more been bitten by the embroidery bug.

It happens

I seem to change my craft focus as often as the weather and seasons.

One moment all I can do is hairclips, next all I want to do is sew, next it's all about embroidery!

So here we are, me, my hoop, some thread and the idiot box.


Little Diva said...

Wow, you're really good at embroidery. I especially love the flowers and bees ! Thanks for your comment on my blog and thanks for your help on Sunday too. It makes the day so much better when you've got someone else there you can chat to and trust to look after your stall for loo and food breaks ! If you do want to buy any bunnies just email me directly instead of having to set up a profile etc on Markets Online. take care xo

REread said...

yeah this I know .. you get consumed by something, buy all the stuff make a huge mess and then have 6-7 half finished pieces about the place ... i love crafting ... it's like all the sports/clubs i joined as a child and never finished! though i did get to yellow belt in Taikwondo

Anonymous said...

lovely! my embroidery skills are pretty limited.